Dual Enrollment


When High School students take Dual Enrollment courses they get to take college classes and get college credits for free.

Amber Reddish, Photojournalist

Recently this year, the counselors here at Yorba Linda High School have started to promote dual enrollment courses to the students. Dual enrollment just means that you are enrolled in both high school and college courses. By participating in these courses you can expand your high school resume, as well as setting yourself up to be ahead of other students when you start college.

Yorba Linda High School offers six different courses that you can take that range from the history of art in Mexico to music appreciation. These courses are available to all the high schools in the Placentia Yorba Linda School District. Each class is taught at one of the four high schools from 3:15-5:05 two days a week. Taking one of these courses can either replace one of your high school courses or can be an additional class on top of your schedule. Either way, these classes are an amazing and easy way to get ahead, as well as making yourself more appealing to four year colleges if and when you decide to apply to them.

On top of the courses taught at the four high schools, you can also take dual enrollment classes at our local community colleges, including Santiago Canyon College, Fullerton Junior College, and Santa Ana College. By taking dual enrollment classes on one of these campuses you have access to a larger variety of classes, time frames, and locations. Samantha Bohling (12) says she “will start college as a Sophomore since she took so many dual enrollment classes during high school.”

If you choose to take your class at a local college and wish to have the class go onto your high school transcript you need to talk to your counselor at your high school and they will give you a form to fill out. You will also need to print a CAP form off of your college’s website and get approval from your counselor to take the course. Once you do that you can turn it into your college and you are ready to register!

Dual enrollment is a great opportunity that is offered to students here at Yorba Linda High School. I personally take advantage of this opportunity and would recommend that everyone else does as well. It has not only helped me get into better four year colleges, but I will also start college as a Sophomore wherever I decide to go. Plus all college courses are free to high school students so you do not have to pay tuition, all you have to do is buy textbooks. This means you can take multiple college courses for a much cheaper price than you would be paying in a couple of years for the same courses!