Exercise On the Rise

Brandon Russell, Editor In Chief

Whether it be walking, running, going on a hike, or even driving to one’s local 24 hour fitness, fitness is a ongoing aspect of life that continues to remain a priority in the lives of many. However, when it comes to Instagram, and other social media empires, is working out just another way for a person to become an instagram influencer?


Whether it be creating one’s own fitness account, or promoting outside fitness brands, that of fitness is a brand that is now allowing people to make a name for themselves on social media. From posting videos of various workouts, to releasing different diet plans and food options, fitness is now becoming yet another social media aspect that can get people to become famous.


Austin Sinclair (12),  who runs his own fitness account called @Calaustinix on Instagram, loves how he can “incorporate [his] love for working out to that of Instagram and social media. It gives [him] an outlet to further put [himself] out there and share [his] love for fitness with all who follow [him].” Austin is just one of many people who have fitness accounts, and continue to share the love for working out with the world. Although from the surface it may seem like just another teen making a random workout account, deep down, the funny, crazy, and exciting memories both Austin and I make using this account is something that I will never forget. For us, fitness became more than just a way to kill time, it became a passion, and pure love for fitness that will never die.


Although that of obesity still has such a stronghold over our country today, that of being able to incorporate fitness further into the world of social media, only allows more people to get motivated and accustomed to what life is becoming. Not only is the combination of social media and that of fitness one of a match made in heaven, it is also a motivation factor for all who may be uneducated in different workouts, to get out there and try new things.


Between the funny, corky, and ultimately creative opening scenes of each video, that of fitness accounts on social media is something that continues to be such a fun time, and something that I love to do. So get out there. Do something new. No matter how weird ti may seem, it’s never too weird or out of the box to accomplish.