The Lasting Effect of Podcasts

Brandon Russell, Editor In Chief

With new and improved emerging ways to get one’s news and social ideas, that of podcasts, and various types of talk shows, has recently become one of the most popular ways that both teachers, and everyday people receive their news. Ranging from that of Ted Talks to slam poetry, that of social ideas, opinions, and pure news continues to be relayed through these podcasts about various types of problems and world wide events that occur within both our country, and in the world.


Cole Smith (12),  loves the fact that “teachers continue to incorporate social opinions and ideas through the new outlet of podcasts,” and how “these podcasts can truly relate a lot to students due to the speakers not holding such a political stronghold within the news.” This new outlet of podcasts, and Ted talks, allows not only yet another outlet for social news, but perhaps one of the only ways to get an unbiased opinion towards that of the most important issues in our world today.


According to Podcast Insights, that of the relevance of podcasts continues to assert a name for itself in the stream of the news world. A study recently discovered that “over 700,000 podcasts are streaming for all to listen to.” Whether it be on the radio on NPR, or on the computer/ phone, these podcasts are both accessible to listeners, and easy to understand since the speakers relate to the listeners on a more empathetic and socialistic level, rather than purely stating their opinions. In an article published by Variety, they stated that “Apple podcasts alone have more than 500,000 active podcasts,” just within it’s database alone. Zac Hardison (12), knows just how relevant these podcasts are due to the “abundant amount of times that they pop up on various radio and apple ads.”


Aside from the accessibility outlet of these new podcasts, the various topics that these shows discuss is yet another aspect of podcasts that continue to grow popular within schools and society today. Whether it be the serious topic of abortion, or that of the new and upcoming social trends, these podcasts allow for people to just discuss. Not to attack each other, or demoralize one’s opinion; but rather to build and grow ideas relating to all these various topics.


If you haven’t heard a podcast yet, go visit TedTalk or NPR, to get a taste of what podcasts are like and the topics that they discuss!