Ricky Lane; Mustang Making Moves


Ricky Lane; super star athlete on varsity baseball and football.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

While everyone at Yorba Linda High School is a mustang, one true mustang around campus is Ricky Lane, a stand-out senior in the Class of 2019. He has made a major impact at Yorba Linda High School from balancing sports and friendships to being crowned homecoming king and just being one memorable guy on campus. Ricky has made the campus atmosphere fun and bright for everyone that has met him– many refer to him as one great student.


At first, Ricky didn’t know too many people but over his time on campus Ricky has made a lot of friends. He is always looking to get the best out of his high school experience. On looking back to his high school experience, he comments on how freshman year had gone by too quick, but there isn’t anything he’d change about it. Ricky is a notable mustang because he is always working his hardest during school and after in the sports he plays. Now, Ricky is settling down in academics, but this doesn’t stop him from working in what he does. He pushes his limits to achieve more and more everyday.


In the realm of sports, Ricky Lane participates in  varsity baseball and varsity football. Ricky had played both sports every year out of his high school .He has lead the football team in each and every game he played in. At practice, he works hard alongside his friends. He has become a big role model to all of the younger players. Michael Callahan (12), his teammate in football notes, “Ricky’s always been the most reliable player on our team and has been one of the main reasons for our success every year we’ve played football together. He’s been a great teammate and a great leader by example.” #21 will always be an important number to the team as he will be surely missed when he goes off to college. Ricky is also #21 of the varsity baseball team. Coach Stine has built a lot of trust into Ricky, believing that Ricky can be able to lead his own path to the bases. Stine (staff) states, “He works hard. He has fun while doing it. He sets the tempo of the game as a lead off hitter. His speed allows him to steal bases and put himself in scoring position early in the game. His actions motivate the team.”Ricky puts a lot of hard work each sport, he loves going out to practice everyday and working hard with the other players. It makes practice more enjoyable.


Aside from being a well-known guy around campus, he has lots of friends. Ricky hopes to continue his life with his friends by his side. Blake Wink (12) stated, “He’s one of the most hardworking, driven people I know. He makes friends with everyone and always is in a good mood.” His friends all say he’s a great person on and off the field. Everyone enjoys having Ricky’s company, they love his kind spirit. All of his friends describe Ricky as a humble and giving guy who is always looks on the bright side.


On campus, Ricky has also made quite the impact. He had won the MVP award for football for all of the big plays he made while being on the team. Coach Bailey (Staff) says, “Ricky was one of the best players for three years, he made some of the best plays for the team.” He was always trying to do his best out on the field and he did what’s best for the team so they would have a good season. Coach Stine (staff) says, “Ricky’s athletic and personal skills will take him far in his education, athletics and overall life. It is an honor for me to have the opportunity to coach/teach and learn from him.” Ricky is always ready to start off the baseball games with a good hit. It helps get the rest of the team into a good mood. Every game he played, he would work his hardest, the results at the end of the game would prove his effort paid off. Ricky was also voted as this school year’s homecoming king alongside Lauren Bui as homecoming queen. Ricky was shocked when he was crowned the king, he didn’t know what to expect. Lauren Bui (12) stated, “Being homecoming queen was definitely unexpected, but it was definitely a memorable experience. I enjoyed being on court with Ricky and my friends.”


Ricky loves the campus, he truly will miss Yorba Linda High School when he’s gone. Ricky has made lots of memories here on campus. He hopes to continue on with football and baseball wherever he goes to college. As Ricky continues his story in life, he will always remember how Yorba Linda affected him for the better! He has made many enjoyable memories, amazing friends and teammates, and learned many things during his time at Yorba Linda High School. Ricky Lane has one bright future ahead of him and will be remembered as an outstanding mustang.