Priest Stabbing in Montreal

Father Grou speaking on a TV interview.

Courtesy of Representational

Father Grou speaking on a TV interview.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Across the northern border in Montreal, Canada, a priest named Father Cloud Grou was stabbed by a 26 year old suspect whose name has yet to be released on March 23. This was occurring during a televised mass that was being broadcasted for those who could not make it to mass due to personal illness or unideal weather conditions. The mass was held at St. Joseph’s Oratory at Mount Royal, the largest church in all of Canada.


As Father Grou was celebrating mass in front of about 60 people and live on television, the suspect in all black clothing made his way to the altar and proceeded to stab the priest. Parishioners of the church then continued to corner the perpetrator until officers or paramedics could get to the scene. The 77 year old pastor was taken to the hospital and was treated for his stabbed stomach to fully recover.


Because it was the largest church in Canada, some people social media began calling this attack one that was terrorist in nature. Twitter accounts began saying that it was a blatant attack on the Catholic Church for having the sexual misconduct scandals that dealt with priests and other high church official sexually abusing children for their pleasure.


The police have concluded that it was not a terrorist attack, but an attack that was made alone and not through any hits on the church. After hearing about the news on Father Grou, Nick Deang (11) was “heavily saddened by the attack and hopes that all is well for [Father Grou]”.


Whenever news based around a religious organization is committed, it is very disheartening to see crime go on especially in a house of worship. These churches, temples, or mosques, that are being attacked are not used for malicious harm, but to express their beliefs in a structure they can call their own.


Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau was quick to tweet, “What a horrible attack at Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal this morning. Father Claude Grou, Canadians are thinking of you and wishing you a swift recovery.” Canadians and people across the world are in solidarity for the priest’s quick recovery from the hatred incident. Luckily, the suspect has been taken into custody for questioning and further action will be taken in the near future.


Above all else, good health and positive vibes are being sent to you, Father Grou! Good luck on a speedy recovery.