Race You; Mustang Track & Field 2019


Courtesy of someone

This year’s track team.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

This year, the track team has almost 200 members. With a group this size, the team has made multiple improvements. Everyone is working hard to be their best in every way they can and in every event they compete in. The team is hoping to pull a win in league finals in April at the meet at Brea Olinda High School. At every practice, the runners are getting stronger and working harder to achieve their goals.


There are five different event categories in track that include sprints, mid distance, long distance, jumps, and throws. Sprints and mid distance can go as long as 800 meters. Relays are also apart of this event category. Long distance has anything longer than 800 meters and can be as long as 5 miles, with the runners sometimes competing in 800 meters relays. Jumps include pole vault, long jump, high jump, and triple jump. Although people think these events mainly involve jumping, there is more going on then just a mere hop. Each of those include being able to sprint fast instantly, upper arm strength, and to be able to focus on what they are doing. There are only two events in jumps, they are disks and shot-put. These events don’t include much running, do require upper arm strength and back strength. Each event requires things people may not have known about. A lot of work, time, and practice goes into being apart of the track meet.


The future of the team is starting to look really well due to all the wins they have pulled in at the track meets. All the relay teams have done very successful when working together to grab first place. The shot put and disks team has been successful enough with their distance. In jumps, many of the older members have managed to put all of their years of work to good use. By the time league finals comes around, the track team will be ready to sweep through it all and have another great season.


Each event has multiple coaches to help teach the members on what they could improve. Every coach has something different to offer. The coaches help to make each member better at what they do and make sure they get the best track and field experience. The coaches all cheer on their athletes hoping they will do their best to bring out that mustang pride. The team is constantly learning new skills on how to get better at their event.


This year is going to be a great and successful year for the team. They all work hard for a win, and a lot of teamwork goes into this sport. Everyone is excited to sweep through league finals, putting all they’ve got into in it. The coaches all help the member get better at the events and help them figure out what would work best for them. The track team is getting better and better every meet they have.