Thrifting, Thrifting, Thrifting!!!


photo courtesy of Sarah Meadows

Thrifted clothes are not only very trendy, but their “worn down” look also makes them very comfortable.

Sarah Meadows, photojournalist

As fashion trends come in and out, one extremely popular theme in the fashion world for the past year has been thrift shopping. It is no surprise that thrift shopping can save families loads of money on used clothes, but this “worn down” look has also become very trendy in the fashion world. Fashionistas travel far and wide to find little thrift stores with trendy clothes. That being said, there are even thrift stores in our home town of Yorba Linda that the masses flock to in order to find the perfect outfit.


What is the point of thrift shopping one may ask? As mentioned, lucky shoppers often strike it rich with vintage clothes that can be found nowhere else. On top of that, thrift shopping is a gold hunt in itself. The thrill of finding just the right piece of clothing is worth the time and effort that it takes to dig through rack after rack of clothing. Because thrift shopping is more time consuming than merely going to an ordinary retail store to find clothes, it is not for everyone. For those who do not like shopping, thrift shopping may not be the definition of a “good time.” For those who do like shopping, though, thrift shopping may become a hobby in itself. However, before one can determine if this type of shopping is for them, they must experience it first hand.


Some common thrift stores in the area are Savers and Goodwill. These stores receive their clothing from local donations in the area. Thus, “competitive thrift shoppers” look for stores in the more affluent areas in order to maximize their chances of striking it rich with a unique pair of jeans, for example. Many thrift shoppers go down to the beach cities, such as Laguna, in order to do their thrift shopping as there are many well-known thrift shops in these areas.


Sami Kerr (10) mentioned, “I want to go thrift shopping so bad because usually when you ask the people who always have the cutest and most unique outfits where they got their clothes, they say thrift shops. Also, everyone that goes seems to have a blast shopping around with their friends” Sami is not the only student who agrees that thrifted clothing is highly fashionable. Out of a group of 25 students, only 7 said that they had been thrift shopping. Nonetheless, 16 said that they would want to go thrift shopping if they had the chance.


Many YouTubers, such as Emma Chamberlain, vlog their thrift shopping experiences, inspiring more young kids to express themselves uniquely in terms of fashion by finding their clothes from second-hand shops. On top of this, fashion influencers across social media share their “thrift shop inspired outfits” with their followers, also inspiring them to buy used clothing.


Indeed, this trend is still rising, but the majority of students have not discovered the art of thrifting. Thus, for those of us who have thrift shopped, next time we should all take a pal and show them the exciting world of true fashion!