Life After Being a Mustang

Above, Kate continues to thrive with the acrobatics team at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Above, Kate continues to thrive with the acrobatics team at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Brandon Russell, Editor In Chief

Graduating from a school that prides itself on that of academic achievement and ultimate success, comes with a lifelong variety of traits and characteristics that develop during students time here at Ylhs. Whether it is spending one’s high school experience in different sports, clubs, or programs, or even being apart of Asb or mustang mix, students who ultimately graduate from this academic powerhouse leave with life long memories and experiences.


For past mustang alumni this was no different, whether it be going on to play college sports, to just going to college for academic adventures, past students continue to take the lessons and values that they have learned from being at Ylhs into the entirety of the real world as well.


So what does one actually do after they graduate? Well, although there are many students who go their separate ways to live their respective lives; conversely, many also stay here in Yorba Linda and continue to the thrive everyday in our community.


For example, Jake Sowder, who graduated with the class of 2018, continues to excel his career in soccer through playing at Mt. Sac community college. The lessons he learned here at Yorba Linda have helped him “to decide to stay here in California, and further develop the relationships that [he] has built within the community.” Jake’s life after graduation is one that continues to thrive even though most of his friends left for college out of state. What “[he] found interesting was that [he] is happy for [his] friends even though [he] doesn’t get to see them as much. Seeing them live their lives beyond the bounds of Yorba Linda is something that is exciting for [him].”


Although many past alumni are like Jake, and continue to live and spend time in Yorba Linda, many like Kate Puentes, took their lives beyond the bounds of the state lines.


Kate, being apart of the graduating class of 2018 as well, contemplated a lot about what her future was going to hold as it pertained to college and ultimately college athletics. However, Kate’s love for acrobatics and gymnastics, guided her to her final destination of Baylor University. Kate’s experience at Ylhs taught her about the aspects of her life that truly meant the most to her. Being apart of one of the most prestigious Acro programs in our country, is just the thing that drove Kate to live her life out of Yorba Linda, and morph into the Waco, Texas lifestyle.


Cole Smith (12), a current senior here at Ylhs, can’t wait for his opportunity “to take the lessons and values [he has] gained here, and incorporate them into [his] life outside of Yorba Linda.” Whether recent graduates choose to take their lives outside the bounds of Yorba Linda, or to stay and continue to grow in the place they call home, life after Ylhs isn’t one that ends after the final walk through those gates; rather, it’s only just begun.