Club Spotlight: PTSA Student Leadership


Faith Watanabe (11)

PTSA Student Leadership meets at Hurless Barton Park annually for orientation. The group pictured above are the 2018-2019 leaders.

Caitlyn Truong, Editor

From baking cookies for teachers to beautifying the school, PTSA Student Leadership truly stands out at Yorba Linda High School as one of the most hard-working, dedicated clubs on campus. With nearly a hundred members, PTSA Student Leadership unites leaders from all grades to organize multiple events devoted to improving both the school and the community throughout the year.


PTSA Student Leadership is headed by advisors Mrs. Shank, Mrs. Jenican, Mrs. Bradburn, and Mrs. Brubaker, who serve as the bridge between the adult PTSA committee with the student club. They review applications, make executive decisions, preside over meetings, and overall allow the student board to run operations as smoothly as possible.


Karissa Dole (12) serves as the current president of PTSA Student Leadership with the help of executive vice president Aino Hakkinen (12); vice presidents of community service Rebecca Juarez (12), Lena Plover (12), and Savannah Pietsch (11); vice president of membership Sarah Chen (11); and vice presidents of hospitality Brianna Bradburn (11) and Jayden Hawley (11). PTSA Student Leadership has a total of twenty-five board members who work hard to coordinate events, plan meetings, and lead the members of the club.


PTSA Student Leadership organizes a number of events on campus, including Career Day, Pride Day, Holiday Cookie Day, Valentine Cupcake Day, and Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. Career Day occurs every two years and features numerous speakers of a variety of occupations describing their careers in order to inspire YLHS students. For Holiday Cookie Day and Valentine Cupcake Day, PTSA Student Leadership bakes dozens of homemade treats for the enjoyment of the YLHS staff and faculty. Teacher Appreciation Breakfast is a particularly grand gesture of gratitude for the teachers, as PTSA Student Leadership members prepare an impressive menu of breakfast items.


One of the most notable school events PTSA Student Leadership coordinates is Campus Pride Day, which recently took place on March 16. During Campus Pride Day, members of PTSA Student Leadership as well as any YLHS student volunteers work together to beautify the campus; from pulling weeds to picking up litter, scraping gum, and raking leaves, Campus Pride Day leaves YLHS sparkling clean.


In addition to events on campus, PTSA Student Leadership also partakes in several events dedicated to helping the community as a whole. To name a few, the Holiday Service Project and Pet Adoption Day are both important events in which members of PTSA Student Leadership each adopt a child during the holidays to gift him or her a present with a hand-written card. During Pet Adoption Day, PTSA Student Leadership volunteers at dog shelters to facilitate their adoption into loving homes.


Above all, PTSA Student Leadership is a program for YLHS students looking to make a difference at school and in the community while developing leadership skills and responsibility. Sarah Mayans (11), who has been a member of the club for three years, comments, “I love being in PTSA because it allows me to participate in events that I’m excited about.”


Mustangs interested in joining PTSA should keep a lookout for applications to become available next August and September.