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Ten Years of Fashion


Photo courtesy of Miguel Medina/AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Fashion has truly changed a lot throughout the past ten years.

Janet Han, Section Editor

Fashion is one of the most memorable and celebrated trademarks of each time period. Every study into the history of humanity requires at least a mention of the fashion of the past, and how societal views and current events shaped what each generation wore. This has become no less true recently, as fashion trends seem to evolve and shift on a nearly daily basis. In fact, over the past ten years of our school, fashion has changed completely- for the better or for the worse, that’s a matter of personal opinion.


2009, the fateful year when Yorba Linda High School was first created, was quite an eventful year in fashion. While most students may have been too young to accurately remember what the trends were, most teachers can probably recall the neon statement pieces, ballet flats, gladiator sandals, harem pants, Uggs, low-rise jeans, and colorful leggings that dominated this year in fashion. Looking back at it now, fashion has taken a dramatic turn from ten years ago- what a difference a few years can really make.


Curiously enough, 2010 was the birth of many fashion trends that remain to this day. Some of the most noticeable include skinny jeans, wedge sneakers, velvet, and off-the-shoulder tops. Of course, there were other trends that failed to make the cut, such as flared jeans or military jackets.


Moving on, 2011 was an interesting year, to say the least. Varsity jackets, bell bottoms, fingerless gloves, headbands, maxi skirts, and animal prints hit the stores throughout this year, reflecting the eccentric and often rebellious fashion that teenagers showed off this year.


2012 brought peplum to a new level of popularity, as well as colorful skinny jeans. Tribal leggings and hi-lo skirts took control of this year in fashion as well. Some of the more familiar trends of this year include are gold jewelry, leather, Hawaiian shirts, bucket hats, and, of course, tying every jacket around the waist. Many of these trends were actually revivals of trends from previous years, showing once again just how much history repeats itself.


The following year, 2013, was a rather bold and unique year in fashion. Stripes, statement sunglasses, black and white, ruffles, and oversized coats emboldened the fashionistas of this year, and made for pretty interesting fashion shows. Even the jeans found themselves patchwork or with embellishments- or both.


2014 was no less daring than its previous year, and in fact boasted some questionable trends. Denim-on-denim, crop tops, overalls, wide-leg trousers, and tea skirts were found not only on the runway but also on the streets. Notably, the empowering pantsuit was also made popular during this year.


Jeans finally escaped their era of being low-waisted during 2015, with a rapid increase in the popularity of high-waisted skinny jeans. The athleisure trend was only further solidified, joining over-washed fabrics, all-white sneakers, and ripped denim for a more casual look. Florals, gingham, boho pieces, and a newfound appreciation for flats and sneakers created an overall relaxed shift from previous years in fashion.


Vintage t-shirts, chokers, slides, fishnets, straight-leg jeans, and millennial pink were widespread in 2016. Meanwhile, a continue athleisure craze sent the prices of leggings and tank tops everywhere sky-high, as well as the prices of hoodies from expensive brands.


2017 may be finally close enough to recall, and the trends from this year are far more familiar. Puffer jackets and corduroy made a comeback, along with a surge of interest in more specific trends such as side stripe trousers, vans, feminist tees, and off-the-shoulder tops. Unexpected color choices such as bright yellow and pink also influenced many fashion choices.


Of course, 2018 is the most familiar year for nearly everyone. No one can forget the surge in popularity of Lululemon leggings, mom jeans, scrunchies, beanies, fanny packs, retro tees, and striped loose pants. As Alice Ding (11) puts it, last year really “brought back a lot of old fashion trends.”


So far, the major trends of 2019 are yet to be determined. But stay tuned, especially since recently fashion seems to be especially focused on paying homage to previous years and reviving old styles.