Mustangs? That’s Us.


YLHS Yearbook

The Stable shows their school spirit at a Friday night varsity football game.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Mustang. Merriam-Webster defines a mustang as “a small hardy naturalized horse of U.S. western plains”. But Mustangs are so much more than just a horse to us here at Yorba Linda High School. They are representative of the people who make up this wonderful school and that are constantly seeking greatness in our lives. Since our opening in 2009, Yorba Linda High School has always strived to make sure everyone feels welcome and a part of our family. Even though we have been fostering the best campus with optimism hard work, the question still arises, what does it truly mean to be a Mustang.

Being a Mustang is both an honor and a privilege. Being a Mustang is standing up for what you believe in even when others say otherwise. Being a Mustang is celebrating each other’s victories while consulting after a defeat. Being a Mustang is being honest and true to yourself. Being a Mustang is having fun while still doing the right thing. Being a Mustang is putting others first instead of yourself. Being a Mustang is giving your all in academics, athletics, and the arts. Most of all, being a Mustang is knowing that you are one of a kind.

When asked what it means to be a Mustang, YLHS Dance Company co-captain, Zachary Hernandez (11), responded, “Being a Mustang is having a way to show pride and honor in my education. Whether it is through the academic classes that I attend every day or the school dance program, I have been able to learn about responsibility, self-discipline, and heavy time management. I’m going to miss all the people I’ve met along my high school journey because, in the end, the students have played a huge role in making me feel like a true Mustang. Most of the people I hang out with during school have been those I hadn’t met before freshman year. But most important of all, being a Mustang has given me the opportunity to find my identity and self-confidence that I hope to hold on to when I graduate.”

In addition, varsity tennis player and Mustang singer, Juliana Kim (11) stands by saying, “Being a mustang means being involved and devoted to everything you’re involved in. The activities and the extracurriculars really make time at school an amazing four years. Mustangs always give their 100% and find a way to thrive regardless of adversity. Whether you’re in clubs or sports or just a part of the school, participating in fun spirit days, Mustangs are truly loyal to each other and to themselves.”

Although we are not all blood related, the one defining characteristic that we all share is the true love for our school and for those who walk the halls in it. Even in the future, Yorba Linda High School will be a place Mustangs past and present can look back to with pride and honor to have gone to school there.

Mustangs have proven to be inclusive, positive, enthusiastic, hard-working, team players, and above all else, loved. Mustangs are the future doctors, politicians, musicians, lawyers, actors, artists, athletes, teachers, etc. Yorba Linda High School will continue to raise Mustangs under the principles of the STAMPEDE. We are Mustangs. This is us.