Drivers, Diners, and Dancing

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Over this past weekend was Winter Formal. This years theme was a 50’s theme. The “Drivers, Diners, and Dancing” dance was held at the Marconi Car Museum. While this was such a fun night, not that many tickets were sold for the dance. Only about a little under 350 tickets were sold for the dance. This number seems a bit low for such a amazing dance. Here are a few responses that came from the dance overall.

The dance itself was a super exciting one. The sophomore class officers did a great job when it came to making sure the dance was the best that it could possibly be. There were many different activities that students could get involved in if they were not overly fond of dancing. There was a flipbook set up, which would allowed a group of friends to take multiple pictures at once which resulted in a small flipbook. There was also a cotton candy machine that allowed students to pick their favorite flavor. Lastly, the room was lined with 50´s themed cars that many students took the pleasure in looking at. These cars were definitely classics. According to Emily Remer (12), her “favorite part of the dance was all of the different activities around the dance. [She] liked all of the 50’ themed cars and the cotton candy was delicious and fresh.¨ The music was also really good. Students were singing and dancing the entire night.

While this sounds like the dance would be such a blast overall, many students did not attend. According to Riley Pietsch (10), she did not attend the dance because ¨the price was too high.¨

The cheapest price for the dance was 40 dollars and this price went all the way up to 60 dollars cash only. The price of the dance definitely a bit on the pricey side, but overall it was not too bad,considering  that the dance and the venue that it was held at.

Another reason for students not going to the dance is that it is so close to prom. Because both dances are  dress up dances, many girls felt the burden of having to get in elegant dresses for three dances total this year: homecoming, winter formal, and prom. To avoid this problem, many upperclassmen decided to not go to the dance. Like Jayden Hawley (11), for example did not go to the dance because ¨[her] and [her] friends did not want to buy a dress for winter formal and for prom. [They] would rather just go to prom.¨

Overall, winter formal was definitely one for the books. Many people missed out on the fun night of singing and dancing. The car museum itself was such a cool venue with many vintage cars placed all around. Also, thank you to ASB and all of the staff members and parents that gave up their evenings to watch the YLHS students at the dance. It was much appreciated by everyone that was there.