Behind the Scenes “Secrets” of The Bachelor

This season of The Bachelor was filled with tears, drama, and classic cat-fights.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

This season of The Bachelor was filled with tears, drama, and classic cat-fights.

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist

The Bachelor has become a very popular guilty pleasure reality television show among students at YLHS. Known for its tears, drama, and quite deceiving previews (thanks to the editing team), it is difficult not to get hooked to watching the show. This season so far has not been one to disappoint as it has proven to be quite drama-filled and action packed (two words: fence jump). However, it would be naive of us to believe that we are seeing everything that goes on in the Bachelor Mansion on our screens every Monday night. How much of what the viewer is seeing is actually reality? Here are some of the behind the scenes secrets of “The Bachelor” specifically.

Starting at the beginning, one of the most highly anticipated moments of The Bachelor when the contestants emerge from the limo to first meet the bachelor and deliver their funny one-liner or gimmick in hopes to make a lasting first impression. Although it has been confirmed by Refinery29 that the limo exists are not assigned to each contestant by producers, the contestants are not left fully up to their own devices either. To make the entrances seem sincere but also fit for TV, the contestant will come up with a limo exit routine and then “workshop” their idea with producers who give their input to polish it.

According to Insider, upon arrival at the Bachelor Mansion, phones and computers are taken away from contestants. There are no TVs or internet in the mansion either. With no technology, most of the women take up journaling to keep busy (and sane) as well as tanning by the pool and other beauty maintenance routines. Furthermore, contestants are not permitted to leave the house ever either. The women also are not allowed to speak to their friends or family until the return home. With so many restrictions, boredom is inevitable.

At the end of each episode, the contestants line up in front of the bachelor in stunning, glittery dresses in hopes to receive a rose from the bachelor to stay another week. But where do these women get all of these elegant gowns to wear each episode? While it has been speculated that the contestants have stylists that supply them dresses, according to Buzzfeed, it is actually left up to the women to supply their own wardrobe. Before the show begins filming, the contestants are sent a packing list that basically states for them to pack, in only two suitcases, enough dresses and date outfits as though they were going to make it to the end. ABC only provides dresses for the two finalists to wear during the finale. Whether the women decide to purchase all of their dresses or rather rent or borrow is up to them. Recently, clothing brands have begun lending dresses to contestants for advertisement. Contestant Jillian Harris reveals that she spent $8,000 on her wardrobe for the show.

The show can be financially detrimental to contestants. On top of having to pay for their own wardrobe, Insider conforms that most contestants are forced to quit their current job to be able to go on to “The Bachelor”. They are not paid to be on the show either, only the main bachelor is paid typically around $100,00. Contestants also find it difficult to find jobs after their time on the show because employers find their “fame” to be a distraction. Although some former contestants may find a supplemental salary from paid promotions and appearances.

Ever wondered why you never see anyone eat on their one-on-one dinner dates with the bachelor? According to Insider his is because producers find that eating does not appear to be very attractive on camera and they do not want the sounds to be picked up by the microphones either. Also, these dates are meant for the contestants to get to know the bachelor with the little time they have so the producers have deduced that if you are eating, you are not talking. This does not mean that the contestants are being underfed either. Instead, contestants eat at the hotel beforehand and the mansion is always stocked with food anyway.

Finally, as an honorable mention by Refinery29, over the seasons, producers have developed the “meatball theory” to predict which contestants will get sent home. The theory goes that if a contestant stands next to the meatballs in the kitchen for the most of the night because they are afraid to talk to the bachelor, they will most likely go home.

As for this season of “The Bachelor”, the two-part finale will air March 11 and 12. The hyped-up finale has got viewers on edge, as avid watcher Jacob Padgett (12) states, “I honestly do not know if Colton will be engaged by the end of the show.”