Meet You at the Plate; Mustang Baseball 2019

Sarah Lemos

Learn more about the team on their website. Don’t forget to stop by one of their upcoming games.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

As baseball begins their tenth season, they head in strong and bring in all they’ve got ready for any action that comes their way. “I’m excited for this year, chasing the ring this year,” said Dylan Strong, (12) player #24, on varsity team. The season is just starting up and they have already taken a lot of wins. Currently, the coaches are training their players to prepare them for whatever comes their way. They all hope to have a successful season with many wins. Each team is working hard together to make this one of the best seasons they have.

The frosh team is excited to finally show off the skills they have been working so hard on . This year’s team has fourteen members and they currently have over 5 wins. Coach Ray loves their contagious personality, where everyone is always in a good mood at practice. He also has high hopes for the incoming freshmen which according to some of the older teammates that means a lot. The freshmen enjoy getting to know the other players on the team, they love the bond that forms within the team. The junior varsity team is ready to start up the season with a lot of wins. Teammates enjoy playing with each other, and they like the vibes given at practice that leads to a great game. “The team has a great bond and ecstatic energy while working together,” said Wyatt Benson(10) player #4 on the junior varsity. As for varsity, every team member is always in a good mood at practice, encouraging others and ready to help one another out for anything. “I love the game and working with students but most of all my favorite part is influencing the players in a positive way and building character,” says Coach Stine (staff).


The teams all have a feeling they will win league with everyone agreeing it will be lots of hard work and dedication. Varsity has a confident feeling that they will make it all the way to C.I.F.  “We will be winning C.I.F.”stated by Blake Wink(12) player #16 on varsity and Luca Licata(12) player #7 on varsity. As for the future of the team, each coach agrees that every kid has a bright future ahead of them. The older teammates believe the freshman will be future leaders for this team. “As individuals, I hope that down the road they make a positive impact on society, marry, and become loving, supportive husbands and fathers. As a team, my hope is for them to take care of the little things daily and the big things will take care of themselves on their own. This will lead to our goal of going to playoffs,” says Coach Stine (staff).

The friendships made on the team can be lifelong since most of them have been playing with each other since they were little. “The best part about being on the team is that I get to be on a team with all my best friends. I have played baseball with almost all the guys on the team since I was a kid in little league.” said Cole Smith (12) player #32 on varsity.They all are one big family sharing one big win. “Over time, it becomes more of a brotherhood than friendship,” stated Jake Del Crognale(12) player #28 on varsity. Everyone is there for each other when needed, and they can always count on one another.  

The coaches all have a big impact on the players. All of the players agree that the coaches are apart of the team and they are more than just players. “They’re all great, they have their own aspect they can teach us about,” said Ricky Lane(12) player #21 on varsity. Players enjoy learning from the coaches and have fun getting to know them well.The teammates say some of the biggest support comes from the coaches, and without them they don’t think it would be the same team.

This team has grown bigger over the 10 years this school has been open. Every year, new faces come in having great stories to tell after. Everyone is proud to call one another a brother and spend quality time together. The coaches are a big part of the team and they make a lot of dreams possible. “My advice is to our student body.  Come out and watch these guys play. Get the Stable going and pack the stands. This is a very exciting team to watch,” says Coach Stine (staff). Whenever there is a baseball game, come out and support the team. They all work hard for each other and have amazing personalities that can be very contagious.

Some seniors have offered to give advice to the freshman or anyone who wants to come out and join the team. “My advice is to just enjoy baseball for what it is. At the end of the day it’s just a game and you should want to be there with your teammates and compete for each other,” said Cole Smith (12). “If you put in the hard work, you will get great results,” said Matt Williams (12) player #57 on varsity. “Just work hard and have fun,” said Ricky Lane(12).Even some coaches offered some advice. “The only thing you can control in baseball is how hard you play,” says Coach Ray(staff).