The Profits of Nonprofit Organizations


(Photo Courtesy of Sarah Meadows)

In addition to donating profits to a local animal shelter, another great place to provide donations for is low income schools in the community.

Sarah Meadows, Photojournalist

As creativity fills the mind and generosity fills the heart, more and more high school students are yearning to find a way to better their community in their own unique way. As a matter of fact, as these students use the betterment of their community to express their individual passions, the community itself receives a wide range of service. Starting a nonprofit organization is a fulfilling way to carry out one’s community service aspirations. Here are the steps as to how one can start a nonprofit organization:


Step 1: Find your passion.

There is no point in dedicating so much time and effort into a cause that one does not feel strongly connected to. Before putting one’s heart and soul into a project, he/she must determine what it is in life that they are passionate about. Whether it be books, animals, or sports, it is necessary that starting such a journey genuinely comes from within.


Step 2: Figure out the specific needs.

Based on the cause that one chooses to support, he/she must determine the specific needs of this cause. For example, if one determines that they would like to work with animals specifically, he/she may decide that in today’s day in age, animals are in need of better exercise. With this step set in place, step 3 will be much easier.


Step 3: Plan it out.

Although this step may be time consuming, it is important not to rush anything. Even if one feels like he/she is mentally blocked and cannot possibly think of any more ideas, the perfect idea will come at just the right moment in time. And when it does, the wait will be well worth it. Knowing the topic and needs of the topic, however, will make this process much more efficient and effective. For instance, if one knows that he/she would like to provide service to animals and determines that animals are in need of better exercise, he/she may come up with the plan of doing a doggy fun run. With the raised money, he/she could donate the profits to a local shelter.


Step 4: Seek help.

Despite popular belief, it is impossible to do everything by oneself. Thankfully, there are other people in the community who love helping others as well. Whether they sponsor, advise, or supply, one should take any and all help offered in order to maximize the success of their nonprofit organization.


Step 5: Take action.

Alas, it is time to take action. For many nonprofit organizations, there is a kick off day, where a majority of profits made will come from. For example, the day of the doggy fun run would be the kick off day, as a majority of the profits made would come from such an activity. Some small pieces of advice are to attract the community’s attention with prior notice. Let them know that there will be free snacks after the run, fun music playing during the run, and a personal speech before the run. Attract the interests of all of the community way before the actual event itself.


Step 6: Donate the profits.

Obviously, a nonprofit organization means that the profits are donated. Thus, one should donate the profits made to an organization that supports the cause he/she is fighting for. With the doggy fun run example, this person would most likely donate their profits to a local animal shelter, so the shelter could provide healthier food and further exercise for the animals that it houses.


Step 7: Repeat.


Students at Yorba Linda High School have started nonprofits of their own. Vijay Arora (10), a member of the YLHS cross country and track team created a nonprofit in which he hosts fun runs in order to raise money for low income children in the community; “I really love running and I love children. Plus, I know there are some people who are less fortunate than I am.”

Without a doubt, there are endless ways to succeed at starting a nonprofit all by oneself. Explore them. And if that is not a possibility, there is always the possibility of volunteering for someone else’s already established nonprofit organization. Whatever it may be, the most important “step” in the life’s long set of rules is to help the community and to get involved.