More Tech, Less Checks


(Photo Courtesy of Sarah Meadows)

Without a doubt, if technological advancements continue to increase exponentially, the overall employment outlook will decrease dramatically.

Sarah Meadows, Photojournalist

Alas, it is 2019, and an average workday may look something like this: wake up to an alarm clock, postmate some breakfast, drive to work in a self-driving car, video chat some clients, drive home, and postmate some dinner. 99% of the population relies on modern day technology in some way or another. 100% of modern day technology relies on the population in order to operate. Humans do not only operate modern day technology, but they also improve it. So the question is, what if technology becomes so improved to the extent that it takes over its operators? What if technology takes over the world?


Regardless of governmental efforts, the overall employment outlook will drastically decline as more and more occupations become technology based. Groceries stores, for instance, provide convenient self-checkout stations that save the customer the time of socializing with an employee and save the company the cost of labor.


Nonetheless, other people argue that it is the very personal touch that comes out of a nice conversation with a random employee that can never beat technology’s endless capabilities. Mason Randolph (10), for example, feels that “no jobs should ever go extinct. Nothing is more wanted than human contact. A robot pilot might be theoretically safer than a human pilot, but everyone feels safer being able to shake a person’s hand and say ‘good afternoon’ if that person has your life in their hands.” Averi Colburn (10) added by saying, “Same with teachers. Yea, a robot may be able to teach better than a human, but everyone wants to be able to interact and connect with their mentor.”


However, that is not the mindset of all. Most people are influenced by how they can save an extra dollar, not an extra person’s day. In that case, millions of jobs are threatened by technology’s capability to save companies and corporations millions of dollars. Los Angeles Unified School District has recently received backlash for hiring a lack of teachers, nurses, counselors, and other staff members in order to budget cut. Even without adequate technology, employment rates are on the verge of plummeting with evident signs as depicted within the education community. It is hard to imagine what life will look like with adequate technology to undergo such actions.


It is safe to say that society has dug its own grave by advancing technology faster than it could keep up with. Now there are two options: fill the grave with dirt or fall inside forever.