Happy Birthday Mr. Flynn

Mr. Flynn (S) finally hits the piñata.

Savannah Pietsch

Mr. Flynn (S) finally hits the piñata.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

December 3 was the day one of the most influential man on campus was born, our principal, Mr. Flynn. This year, on the tenth year anniversary of the school’s first opening year, Mr. Flynn turned 70 years old. This year the staff decided to throw him a birthday party for him to celebrate the big day.

The party started with Mr. Flynn trying to hit one of the two pinatas out under the senior shelter. According to Emily Remer (12), Mr. Flynn trying to hit the piñatas was super cute and “ he was trying his best and it was super funny.” Students cheered and watched as he tried to hit the piñatas. He was blindfolded at first and another staff member kept moving the piñata, making it harder for our principal to hit it. After a few failed attempts, Mr. Flynn decided to take off the q blindfolds. When Mr. did finally hit the piñata, the crowd cheered with excitement. As candy poured out of the piñata, the whole school was excited to be celebrating the principal’s birthday.

Next, Mr. Flynn went to get a piece of his birthday cake while other students also waited in a line to enjoy some. As Mr. Flynn ate his cake, staff and students sang happy birthday to him. A highlight of the day was when Dr. Dihn got on the microphone connected to the sound system in the middle of the quad to sing happy birthday to his boss.  

Throughout the rest of the day, students and staff individually went up to Mr. Flynn to wish him a very happy birthday. Many students were surprised at how old Mr. Flynn actually is. He seems and acts so young considering his age. No matter how old he is though, every student on campus is grateful to be able to call him our principal.

The school as a whole would just like to thank Mr. Flynn for all of his hard work over the last 10 years. He took a dream and turned it into a reality. Without him, our school would not be as successful as it is today. Our sports teams, arts programs, and academics would not be as successful as they are as of right now. With these great opportunities students are able to go to top colleges to go down any path they would like. Thank you Mr. Flynn for making all of these possibilities possible.