Finals Tips and Tricks


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Mustangs, get ready for Finals Week!

Mabel Ra, Editor

The 2018-2019 school year is officially reaching its halfway point with the end of first semester January 25, 2019. Since a new chapter of grades will be beginning soon, the current chapter must come to a close with the completion of final exams.


Finals Week will be held from Tuesday, January 22, to Thursday, January 24. In preparation of the several exams to come, here are a few study tips and tricks to help maintain and boost your current grades.


  1. Create a study guide

While it may be the most basic idea of them all, creating a study guide is the easiest to access and retain information. Start by taking a general overview of your notes and study material, and make an outline of the most important aspects. Then, create a study guide of neat notes and flashcards. During your free time, look over these study guides, review, and quiz yourself.


2. Plan a study schedule

It’s important to avoid procrastination as much as you can. As a precaution, plan a study schedule and follow it! Look at the calendar and assign each day to different subjects or topics. Make sure to include break times and reward yourself for the time spent studying to keep yourself motivated.


3. Ask your teachers and classmates

If you are having difficulty understanding a lesson, do not hesitate to ask your teacher or classmates. If you know your teacher has a busy schedule, email him/her in advance, and schedule an appointment. An additional study option is planning a group study session with your friends and classmates. For subjects you don’t understand, ask your friends; if you know something, help others! Teaching others helps you retain the information more.


4. Take advantage of resources

With this generation’s easy access to the internet and other resources, it’s a smart choice to actually implement them into your everyday life. Online, search the web for additional help; watch YouTube lessons on your subject; look up practice questions. Additional resources include borrowing books from public libraries and online flashcard sites, like Quizlet.


5. Get help from NHS tutors

YLHS NHS has its members tutor in all classes before school, at lunch, during 6th period, and after school. Make sure to stop by at any NHS tutor’s table in the library, and ask for help.


As important as final exams are, one test is not an ideal measurement of the knowledge and skills you have accumulated throughout this first semester. Don’t get discouraged, stay optimistic, and study hard. You can do it!