“The Ranch” The New Netflix Takeover



Above, the fate of the family ranch looms on decisions and actions that can change the rest of their lives.

Brandon Russell, Editor In Chief

With an abundant amount of shows, movies, biographies, blogs, and dramas, the creative aspect of film-making is becoming more clever and clever as years continue to trail on throughout the streaming world. “The Ranch” is no new exception to the continuous stream of new shows that are plaguing our society today. Based on a ranch in Colorado, this die hard Broncos fans family, lives, breaths, and eats all activities like: ranching, football, and alcohol.


Produced by and Starring Ashton Kutcher, this new country lifestyle show is one that combines both the struggles of owning a family ranch, and the fun of the not so normal country lifestyle. This new captivating series is one that evokes viewers emotional heartstrings; however, it’s not just about the struggles of family life on a ranch. What makes this new show so captivating and amazing is the portrayal of real life problems and issues that strike Americans all around the country. This imputation of problems allows for an empathetic approach to be taken to Americans all around the country. The continuous jokes and lighthearted conversations, aim to provoke a feeling of both comedy and real life all into one.


From the problems of making enough money, to trying to run a family owned saloon, this new show allows for the struggles that people face everyday, to come to light within the show. In addition to the life struggles that the show displays, it also allows viewers to delve into the country lifestyle that not many east and west coast folks know about. The acts of driving around in a 1980 Ford truck to friday night football games, all allow an insight to the rugged yet strictly beautiful country lifestyle.


Cole Smith (12) loves this new show because it “allows [him] to laugh and enjoy the continuous jokes that relate so much to his life,” and get a glimpse “into the real world problems that owning your own business can have on Americans.” From forming watch parties to getting together with both myself and other friends, this new show, unlike some others, brings people together to bond over country music, life, and love.


With new seasons coming out almost every three months, the show is hoping to continue their recent success with upcoming plot twists and plans that are bound to shake up the Colorado ranch. From recent newborn babies to looming divorces, can this family ranch keep up the family traditions that began it all? I guess we’ll just have to find out for ourselves I guess.