YLHS Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary



YLHS welcomes back their students on their Tenth year anniversary of the school year!!

Brandon Russell, Editor In Chief

Coming into the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified school district in the year 2009, YLHS over the years has made itself into one of the most pristine and prestigious school in not only Orange County but within California as a whole. Over the ten year span on which the school has been open, it has developed into one of America’s most challenging schools and one of Gold Ribbon status for both its academics and its athletics. But in the field of academic accolades and achievements, YLHS is just getting started. Getting to this ten year anniversary was nothing short of a challenge for students and faculty. From starting out in portable classrooms to having to wear hard hats during the school days, YLHS has come a long way in making this place not only an academic institution but a safe place for kids to really express their beliefs and opinions.









Running with the S.T.A.M.P.E.D.E. is something that differentiates Yorba Linda High School from a majority of other schools within the district. The values and rules that encompass the bounds of our school enable students to feel as though they belong. Being apart of the YLHS family is more than just coming to school Monday through Friday, but rather a chance for kids to get involved in activities that students truly believe in.


The celebration of the schools ten year anniversary brought about many old artifacts, pictures, and even momentos that allow students to immerse themselves in how our school got started. From meticulous blueprints to old teacher I.D. cards, the Ten year Gallery of YLHS allowed for a more personal insight of YLHS to be reached. From speeches by students Lauren Bui and Cole Smith, the students got to express their thanks for all the hard work that went into building our school to where it is today.


Zac Hardison (12) loved the fact that “ [he] could really see what the true values of YLHS were built on, and just how much work went into making our school how beautiful that it is today.” The fact that Yorba Linda High opened only ten years ago, and already has all these academic achievements and honors is something remarkable in of itself. With many more years to come of building excellent students and overall human beings, the people that have graduated in early years can attest to the fact that YLHS is one of the most well rounded academic campuses that they have ever encountered.