Order in the Court

Lauren Bui (12), Yorba Linda High School’s Homecoming Queen, struts down the red carpet with her parents at the halftime reveal.

Katrina Wynn

Lauren Bui (12), Yorba Linda High School’s Homecoming Queen, struts down the red carpet with her parents at the halftime reveal.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Homecoming is a fun time for everyone. It is a time where you wonder if anyone will ask you to the dance, you try to find the best outfit around, and you spend a fun time with your friends taking pictures and dancing. Along with the homecoming dance is finding out who the king and queen are of the dance.

At the Homecoming assembly this year, everyone got to see who was on court for the 2018-2019 school year. The first couple to walk out was the freshman prince and princess. The freshman prince was Jack Johnson (9) and the freshman princess was Riley Willis (9). Next, the sophomore princess and princes walked out. This year sophomore princess was Kendall Cook (10) who walked along two princes, Brandon Vega (10) and Aaron Benson (10). After them, Eryn Ramano (11) and Noah Camacho (11) walked together down the red carpet. Then walked out all the seniors. Lauren Bui (12), who was escorted by Wesley Dale (12), was the first senior princess to walk out. Then came Drew Brager (12) and Carol Bagdad (12), Regan Millsap (12) and Tyler Padgett (12), Ricky Lane (12) and Hallie Haulpert (12), and Cameron Carlson (12) and Mabel Ra (12).

When everyone was finally done walking down the red carpet, everyone turned their attention to the senior princes. It was the moment of truth. Who was this years king? Everyone turned their attention to the video played to reveal the king, which happened to be Ricky Lane. Ricky is a star football and baseball player at Yorba Linda, so it was no surprise when he won Homecoming King.

Then came the football game halftime show. This is where the queen is revealed. After everyone walked in front of the crowd, it was the moment of truth. Each senior princess stood in front of a piece of paper that represented the different doors in The Nightmare Before Christmas. As the queens pulled down the pieces of paper, it was revealed that Lauren Bui was the queen. On campus Lauren Bui is ASB President, she is apart of varsity tennis, involved in many clubs, is a part of NHS, and Academic Decathlon. Along with this long list of things she is involved in, she also challenges herself with many AP classes. According Warren Lee (11) she said that Lauren Bui was a “great choice for this years queen because she is someone that represents the whole school.”

Overall, in each category, the princes and princesses were great. The queen and king were also well picked. Also a special shout out to Mrs. Runge (Staff), who spent countless hours counting every ballot.