Arts Week

Natalie Windawi (11) shows off her visual arts piece in the quad at lunch.

Delaney Pietsch

Natalie Windawi (11) shows off her visual arts piece in the quad at lunch.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Arts week is right around the corner and each day something different will be happening on campus. No one on campus truly understands how well our arts programs are at school. According to Rachel Lassalle (11) arts week is a “great way to get our students involved and aware of the great arts program we have on campus.” This upcoming week, November 26 to November 30, will showcase how well our arts program is doing in front of the entire school at lunch. This year’s arts week is holiday themed, to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

To start arts week off, there is the holiday gram contest. Students on campus are able to turn in their card ideas into a box in the finance office and the ASB room. The contest is open to the entire school, and pizza will be awarded to the top choices.


On Monday, Choir will be performing a few songs in the Forum. They have been working on material to broadcast in front of the whole school and will be ready when the time comes.


On Tuesday, visual arts will be working their magic and will be creating pieces of art right in front of everyone’s eyes. This will be held in the quad at lunch. Also, the winners of the school-wide holiday gram contest will be announced this day, and the winners will be given pizza.


Band and colorguard will be performing on Wednesday in the quad. They will be all decked out for the winter holiday by wearing ugly holiday sweaters and santa hats. They will also be playing holiday music to get everyone into the joyful spirit.


On Thursday, Dance Company will be performing a piece they have been working on for a while. They are all ready to go and will wow the school in the quad with their great dance moves like they always do.


Culinary will be out on Friday making people food. They will also be decorating cookies and cupcakes in the quad for everyone to enjoy.

Also, throughout the week, Wings of YL will be on display throughout the campus. Link Crew and other students on campus have been making feathers this past week to make the wings that will be on display. The whole idea of these wings is to bring everyone together. Each wing represents the person that made it. So take pictures this week and put #wingsofyl in your comments if you post the photos.