Sweater Weather


Amber Reddish

California girls often wear winter outfits that just wouldn’t cut it in colder weather.

Amber Reddish, Photojournalist

Here in Yorba Linda what we consider to be winter is considered to be a warm spring day in most other places in the United States–although personally, I am freezing if the temperature drops anywhere below 70 degrees. Many people who live in California even refer to themselves as “Cali girls/ boys” when they are cold at these temperatures as a sort of justification. With that said our winter attire is generally very different from that of others throughout the country, or even around the world.

As our temperatures start to drop most girls begin to wear sweaters and sweatshirts every day. These are often paired with leggings or jeans, and sometimes even fuzzy socks and Ugg boots. This may sound like normal winter attire to you, but when you take into account that the temperature is probably above 65 degrees, is this odd? According to Maddie Adams (11) “this is totally reasonable since we are acclimated to the Cali weather, which means what may be warm for others is cold for us.” While we wear these cute winter outfits we probably are wearing the exact same thing as girls all over the country, but they could never go outside without a heavy jacket. They could, but they might freeze to death. So while others are bundled up in snow jackets and raincoats, we’ll be here warm and cozy in our sweaters and Uggs.

Although guys attire does change too, it is much less drastic. In the summer most guys can be found wearing some variation of shorts, a t-shirt, and vans. During the winter they might switch this combination to pants, a long sleeve t-shirt, and vans. Maybe even a sweatshirt if they are really cold. The main difference between guys winter clothing in California versus other states is the fact that in California they do not need jackets cor coats to go over this combination of clothes. There is rarely any rain and it never really gets that cold.

As the weather changes to colder temperatures and you start to search the dark recesses of your closet for your favorite fuzzy socks, just remember you live in California. It could be so much worse. You may be “freezing” anytime the temperature is below 70 degrees, but at least it isn’t below zero. It always helps to look at the bright side, after all, the brighter the sun is the warmer it is outside.