Movie Review: The Grinch

THe Grinch Movie Poster(Photo courtesy of Universal Studios)

THe Grinch Movie Poster(Photo courtesy of Universal Studios)

Wayne Chan, Editor-in-Chief

Disclaimer: This article reveals twists and important details integral to the plot.

The Grinch is an exciting movie fit for the holidays. Featuring lively yet adorable animations, complemented by the warm Christmas spirit and jolly jokes, the movie makes an enjoyable two hours of casual cinema delight.

The film does an amazing job of portraying the Grinch as this mean and curt yet relatable character. As he strolls through the village, his crude actions are presented more as humorous antics stemmed from lack of care for others rather than a genuine hatred of the people of Whoville. At one point in the movie, the Grinch runs out of food because he had been indulging in “emotional eating,” something people with difficulties in life can relate to. Moreover, while the Grinch is this rude and Christmas-despising creature, his love for his dog is heartwarming. The dynamic between the Grinch and Max, the dog, is one that anyone can find sympathetic and touching. Max displays a sense of undying loyalty while the Grinch shows a clear reliance on the presence of his companion; the relationship is also used to display the Grinch’s inherent desire for the company of others.

More than just relating to the Grinch, the film also does a great job of depicting the Grinch as a traumatized and damaged person deserving of sympathy. For example, the segment illustrating the Grinch’s past experiences as an orphan who had to endure watching the adoption of others over himself time and again is one of heart-wrenching sadness.

While the movie has its own uniqueness to previous films of the same story, the underlying message is a classic. The story is still an iteration of the classic Dr. Seuss work; therefore, the thematic message of the film is just as powerful as any of its predecessors. Yet, this film has contemporary animation abilities and a pleasant humor incorporated into it.

However, while the film has its moving moments, I personally felt that at certain points in the movie, an adult audience might find the movie less enjoyable than younger demographics. Furthermore, at multiple points in the Movie, I expected it to be the climax, yet the story slowed down once again.

Rishi Kheni(12) who went in with low expectations due to the online reviews thought “the movie was surprisingly entertaining and that the reviews were not reflective of the actual entertainment value of the movie.”

Aside from these minor issues, the movie was an overall pleasurable experience of laughter, warmth, and beautiful animations. It is the perfect movie for a relaxing and emotional time during the Christmas season.