Migrant Caravan Runs the Border in Attempt to Cross Over


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Migrant caravan throwing rocks at US border.

Kathleen Toblesky, Photojournalist

After the recent arrival of the migrant caravan, the large crowd of thousands of Central Americans are now waiting just outside the US borders in the Mexican city of Tijuana. Prior to their arrival, President Trump labeled it “an invasion” and promptly sent 5,200 US troops to prevent them from entering the country illegally.


This label was despised by many Americans. Many news outlets such as CNN, criticize Trump for suggesting that this group of migrants were invasive or violent in any way. At this point, he had no evidence that they would attempt to overrun the borders and force their way into the country.


Currently, the migrants have filed asylum claims to be allowed into the country legally, which are now being processed while they wait in Tijuana. However, instead of waiting for each of their claims to be processed, a crowd of 42  migrants marched in an attempt to run the border on Sunday, November 25, according to the Washington Post. The troops guarding the border retaliated with tear gas to push them back and away from the fences.


This was responded with a cry of protests from the media and from American citizens on social media  Twitter or Tumblr. Images of vulnerable women and children being targeted by the troops and running for their safety spread like wildfire. Needless to say, the American people did not like the idea that the people who were supposed to be protecting them were tear gassing children.


But the facts were merely twisted to make it appear as though the gas was unprompted and meant to attack these women and children. In reality, the “march” was much more violent. According to the New York Times, the crowd split into groups to make a run at the border and overwhelm it. There was even one location where the migrants began to throw rocks at the Border Control. Many of them were able to climb over the first fence, but were met by the troops when they reached the second. It wasn’t until this point that the troops resorted to  tear gas. Several warnings were given, but the migrants still rushed the border.


At this point, even Mexico’s Interior Ministry claim that hundreds attempted to cross the border “in a violent manner.” Mexican authorities, according to the Washington Post, have said that they would deport anyone attempting to cross the border illegally.


One may wonder why they would go through the effort and the pain of rebelling against the protection of the country they wish to enter when they have already filed claims of asylum. But while looking at the process, their impatience does have its roots.


Once a claim is filed, an interview is scheduled to determine whether or not they are applicable for asylum. According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website, this process normally takes roughly 21 days; however, since the number of applicants is far more than the US has dealt with before, only time can tell how long it will take to process all of the caravan’s claims.


Despite the long wait, this process is very necessary to ensure the safety of the US and even the migrants wishing to come in. Simply allowing them in with no checks or cautions is not a risk the US officials are willing to take.


According to Newsweek, a convicted murderer and MS 13 gang member was found hiding in the caravan, attempting to be allowed in along with every other migrant. Should the US not allow the legal process to occur, people like this would be able to enter the country with no issue, putting countless American and immigrant lives in danger.