Fall in Love with Fall


Grace KIm

A picture taken at Getty Museum. Photo Credit: Grace Kim

Grace Kim, Section Editor

Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn. As days get shorter and leaves begin to accentuate their bright orange and yellow hue, Yorba Linda High School students know that Fall has finally arrived. People start embracing the “sweater weather” by wearing  warmer clothing and layering on different pieces. While Starbucks release their Autumn menu of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Apple Cider Doughnuts. Still, for some students, the arrival of fall may be related to tests, essays, and homework. In order to make sure everyone falls in love with fall, here are some activities to do during the season.


Get lost in a Corn Maze: Corns! Mazes! Oh my! Whether it is going with a close group of friends or having a blast with one’s family, getting lost in a corn maze is always a must. Tackling a corn maze is an interactive activity in which visitors must find a way out. Because of its growing popularity, United States alone, according to Corn Mazes America, have over 800 mazes.


Pumpkin Carving: Halloween is a major event in the season of fall that attracts hundreds of people to dress up in over the top costumes. Students can make unique pumpkin carved designs to spook the trick or treaters that come on October 31st. However, pumpkin carvings doesn’t always have to be spooky nor relate to Halloween. In fact, pumpkins can be a cute addition to fall decorations.


Apple Picking: Apple pie. Apple cider. Apple pumpkin muffins. Apple strudel. The list goes on. There is no doubt that pumpkins and apples are the symbolic fruits of fall. With that in mind, taking a moment to personally pick the apples used in one’s favorite apple dish can complete the fall season.


Host a Movie Night: With the chilly wind and frost covered windows, one might just settle down under a pile of cozy blankets for a movie night. To spice up the movie night add Hot Chocolate and popcorn. Following the autumn spirit, some movies that will warm hearts around the world include A Star is Born, Me Before You, Marley and Me, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Attend a fall festival: The final addition to one’s autumn to do list may be attending a fall festival. Fall festivals vary from pumpkin shows, carnival rides, and music by local bands. Recently, Oktoberfest was hosted at Saint Martin De Porres church which is only a four minute drive from Yorba Linda High School. Jessica Gutierrez (12) recalled her experience at Oktoberfest as a “good time.”