Varsity Girl’s Volleyball


Valerie Pham, Photojournalist

On October 23rd, the YLHS volleyball team traveled to El Dorado High School to compete in their seventh league game. The girls are just about five weeks into their season and are still excited for their remaining games. The team has practiced long and hard, from their summer camp to today’s daily practices, in the hopes of becoming league champions. The varsity team lost many of its starters from its previous season, as the majority of the team consisted of seniors who graduated this past year. These losses may have stopped other teams from being strong competitors, but our Mustangs have persevered and have been determined to continue the prestigious level of play associated with Mustang volleyball. The new year has brought in many new girls, and there have been losses and wins, but these new players have never failed to impress; this was exemplified in the Mustang against El Dorado game.


El Dorado won the first set 25-20, and they held the lead throughout the entire set, but the Mustangs never gave up and caught up to El Dorado in the end, leaving just a five point difference in the scores. The Mustangs took the next set, beating El Dorado by a whopping ten points with a score of 25-15. In the third set, the Mustang girls started off strong and ended with the same level of play. They may have lost the set to El Dorado, with a score of 25-20, but they never showed any signs of discouragement or enervation. The girls put their game faces on and stayed determined to win. In the fourth and final set, El Dorado won with a score of 25-21 to win the game. However, this loss did not discourage the Mustangs, as they continue to train to improve and try to finish off the season with a winning record.


This years team has a total of sixteen girls: Paige Morgan (12), Riley Mahan (11), Kailyn Case (10), Karah Griffiths (11), Kendall Platt (9), Katie Jansen (12), Allie Bybee (9) , Jamie Outhier (12), Kelly Fagan (11), Lauren Enright (12), Catherine Langer (11), Aya Pratt (12), Sydney Noseworthy (12), Megan Milne (10), Mikayla Buscaino (9), and Kasie Hunt (10). These girls continue to show promise as they head into their last three games. Freshman Mikayla Buscaino stated, “We’re more than just a team, we’re a family.” The girls are both excited for the rest of their season and sad that it is coming to an end. They are working hard and tirelessly to represent our school. Show your Mustang volleybal girls support and come out to their last few games to cheer them on!