Holiday Season To-Do List


Holiday Szn To-Do List

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Christmas is almost here and to get the whole experience means experiencing fun winter activities, giving gifts, and eating cute Christmas treats. Every year is always the same for procrastinators. How about this year all of us overworked, anxious procrastinators have a fun plan to keep us on track? A Christmas Bucket List filled with fun things to do can be that plan! With an seemingly insurmountable shopping list and to do list, that of a Christmas bucket list would do just the thing to keep all ideas organized and sustainable.


To-Do List:


  • Mission Inn – The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside will kick off the holiday season on November 23, 2018 with their annual festival of lights celebration (lasts for six weeks). The Mission Inn creates a magical, Disneyland-like experience in which the castle-like hotel is instantly illuminated with 5 million holiday lights followed by a full fireworks display.


  • Secret Santa – Each year around Christmas time, people all over the world exchange gifts. To keep things interesting though, you and your friends can randomly assign each other to give a present to one another. Elfster is a very simple online gift exchange app that will make secret Santa that much easier.


  • Christmas movie marathon – For some, the month of December is a time to dress up and go to holiday parties every weekend. For others, it is an excuse to grab a bag of candy, snuggle up in a warm blanket, and binge-watch all of those great holiday movies. “Although holiday parties are fun, I prefer staying at home with my friends, eating junk food, and watching classic Christmas movies like The Grinch,” said Ava Malakooti(10) when asked about her preferences for activities during the wintertime.


  • Holiday baking – Christmas treats usually end up being stale cookies and brownies from any grocery store that is open the night before Christmas, but not this year. This year you can be creative and make dishes and treats from scratch. This is fun activity for a wintertime girl’s night in!


  • Decorate stockings – You can turn a boring night into an eventful one with a stocking decorating session! Diy stockings will make cute décor or even gifts. They are simple and very thoughtful for friends and family.