A Safe Halloween is a Happy Halloween

Yeji Kim, Photojournalist

Halloween 2014 is approaching!


Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for many students. Halloween falls on a Friday this year, which means more parties and other events related to the holiday. Therefore, make sure to stay safe and check out these tips to help make the Halloween events safe and enjoyable!


1. Wear costumes that are reflective and bright. If not, add reflective tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags for greater visibility. Make sure that costumes and shoes are well fit.

2. If a stick, cane, or sword is a part of the costume, make sure it is short, soft, and flexible.

3. Do not wear decorative contact lenses without an eye examination. Using decorative contact lenses without a prescription is dangerous and may cause serious eye injuries such as inflammation and vision loss.

4. Try to avoid trick-o-treating alone. It is always best to have a partner, a group, or an adult to walk with.

5. Always walk and do not run from house to house. Make sure to carry a flashlight while trick-o-treating.

6. Avoid eating homemade treats from a stranger. Limit the amount of treats and eat only store-wrapped treats.

7. Do not walk at the center of the roadway and do not cross the street without looking both ways. Always use established crosswalks and walk on a sidewalk or at the far edge of the roadway.

8. Wear non-toxic make-up and test make-up in a small area first to prevent possible skin irritation.

9. Only visit well-lit houses and stay on well-lit streets.

10.Plan and review the route with a parent. Make sure to carry a cellphone for communication.

11. Do not walk near luminaries or lit candles. Be sure to wear flame resistant costumes, shoes, and accessories.

12. Notify immediately of any suspicious or illegal activity to an adult or a police.


Stay safe and have a happy Halloween, Mustangs!