Fusion Foods: The Next Big Thing?

Ramen Burger are becoming increasingly popular. Photo Credit: Daily Trojan

Ramen Burger are becoming increasingly popular. Photo Credit: Daily Trojan

Grace Kim, Section Editor

Food for thought: Imagine having two different cuisines from entirely diverse cultures at once. Over the past generation, globalization has united a variety of countries and cultures including food. United States, especially, due to its diverse population, opened the market to fusion foods.


Ramen Burger: Is it a ramen? Is it a burger? It’s a ramen burger! The creation of ramen burgers are essentially just a hamburger with ramen noodle buns. To further explain, the ramen noodles are pan fried to create a chewy, yet sturdy texture. Following the formation of the buns, a beef patty is inserted and topped with green onions and Shoyu sauce. Ramen burgers were first introduced to the United States by Keizo Shimamoto. He was inspired by the Japanese version of Ramen Burgers, and wanted to create his own food chain abroad.


Japadogs: Introduced in Vancouver, Canada, Japadogs have become a common food interest in the United States. They were introduced to the United States by a young Japanese couple through a small chain of food stands. However, over time, because of their diverse palette of toppings including Yakisoba noodles, Salmon, and even Tempura, Japadogs have attracted the attention of the mass audience. Today, there are over four stores, multiple food stands, and even a couple of food trucks.


Bulgogi Taco: Another asian fusion that has sparked an interest in the United States is Bulgogi Tacos. Bulgogi is a Korean dish of marinated beef slices. On the other hand, tacos are a traditional Mexican dish consisting of tortilla and stuffings. With that in mind, the Bulgogi Taco is a unique fusion of Mexican and Korean flavors. In fact, the dish itself was created through the teamwork of Mark Manguera and Roy Choi on a food truck in Los Angeles. Today, the Bulgogi Tacos can be found across the country in places like Chicago and New York.


Curry Pasta: On a more general note, curry pasta has been around for a significant period of time. Although the exact founder and origin is unknown, curry pasta is a “go to” dish today. Uniquely, the distinct Middle Eastern spices give a whole new dimension to the Italian cuisine of pasta. Curry pasta has a variety of different recipes. There is the Pakistani style recipe, Indian curry pasta, and Thai curry pasta.


As a California resident, Paige Richey (12) “love[s] the idea that anyone can experience other cultures through the food [they] eat.”