Student Spotlight: Sarah Kim


Sarah Kim

Sarah Kim is an exceptional junior at Yorba Linda High School.

Caitlyn Truong, Editor

With a dedication to her community, a talent for tennis, and a genuine enthusiasm for her school, it is difficult to find another student as well-rounded and passionate as Sarah Kim (11). In the sea of hundreds of students at Yorba Linda High School, Sarah truly stands apart as one of the most involved and devoted, kind, hardworking, and committed leaders on and off campus.


As a junior, Sarah continues to make an impact during her third year of high school in both her community and her high school. At YLHS, Sarah is a contributing member of numerous clubs including Red Cross, Mobile Healthcare Club, Key Club, We Club, Interact Club, and Aceing Autism. Alongside Juliana Kim (11), Sarah founded the Mobile Healthcare Club, which “works together to help change lives by volunteering and hosting fundraisers to donate resources to the mobile trucks.” Her co-president, Juliana, praises her “dedication to not only Mobile Healthcare, but everything else she does” and adds that “Sarah is genuinely one of the most hardworking people I know.”


Sarah is also the secretary of Key Club as well as the secretary for Red Cross, for which she attended the Leadership Development Camp over the summer at Cedar Lake Camp in Big Bear, California, which she says was “truly life changing. I had the opportunity to meet many new friends very quickly, and I learned how to become a better leader.”


Sarah is also a stellar athlete and has played on the junior varsity women’s tennis team for two years and the varsity women’s tennis team for one year at YLHS. She has been playing tennis for four years and says, “Tennis has always been a big part of my life. It gives me a much needed break from all the stress and homework, and I’ll forever be grateful for that.”


In addition to her involvement on campus, Sarah is committed to giving back to her community. She helps out weekly at her church, where she raises funds to donate to children in poverty across the globe. She also volunteers at food banks and assists in offering monthly health checkups for low income families.


While balancing academics and extracurriculars can be difficult, Sarah effortlessly earns high grades in her honors and AP classes. Her favorite class is AP U.S. History because “it is very interesting, and Mr. Walls (Staff) is such a great and fun teacher.” In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and watching movies. In the future, Sarah hopes to major in psychology in order to become a college counselor one day. With her unique attributes and devotion to her passions, Sarah Kim is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular students at Yorba Linda High School.