Michael Myers’ Legacy

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

The Halloween of 1978, the first of nine films came out. This franchise had become big success worldwide making up to $336 million dollars in the box office. The character, Michael Myers terrified fans wondering who he’d strike next. In 1983, a video game was made based off the characters due to how fast the movie was spreading. Comics were made soon after the films, some of them sell for more than $100. The popular series is still continuing with a release of a new movie in October. John Carpenter will always remember his partner, Debra Hill, who helped him make this film possible.

Michael Myers has made multiple appearances in shows and gives little easter eggs like the opening credits of the new film gives tribute to the first Halloween movie. The Character made an appearance in the favored Netflix hit, Stranger Things, Max had dressed up as Michael Myers and scared the group of boys. In a popular video known as Grand Theft Auto 5, there is a hidden Michael Myers Easter egg that players must unlock. Another cameo he made was in the zombie film, Zombieland, it was a quick and fast appearance. He will always be a remembered character from a classical slasher film. Most of the series includes little hints to the original film, some of them are noticeable and others are hidden in plain sight.

The history behind the famous killer is a mixture of true events and fiction. John Carpenter and Debra Hill got inspired by Stanley Stiers, and it really took place in Iowa 1912. Most people have heard rumors about Michael’s mask saying it’s a Captain Kirk Mask painted white and that rumor has intact been confirmed. During the first two films, the murder was only known as “The Shape” there wasn’t much of a chance to see what he truly looked like. At the start of it all, viewers would get a glimpse of Michael’s young life at the age of six. His mind was already ruined so there was no doubt about knowing his future plans.

Michael Myers will always go down as one of the most memorable horror movie characters. The plot line is an original fright film, the characters give good reasons to continue watching, and the shots filmed couldn’t be any better. He still haunts nightmares of those who watch the movie series. Fans hope the series continue on with more thrilling stories and more.