The Latest Michael Myers Movie

Halloween: Movie Review

The latest Michael Myers film

The latest Michael Myers film

Wayne Chan, Editor-in-chief

Disclaimer: This article reveals twists and important details integral to the plot.

Halloween is the latest Michael Myers film out of the classic serial killer series.

Overall, I found the 2018 version one of the best Halloween movies yet. It was a thriller full of action, horror and brutality as well as a tense and frightening atmosphere perfect for the spooky occasion.

One of the primary successes of this movie is the continuation of tradition while introducing the movie with modern cinematic effects. For example, the scene where the Michael Myers kills the teenager by sticking a knife through his throat and impaling him into the wall, suspending him 3 a few feet off the ground, is an allusion to previous films. The murder scene outside of the safehouse where Michael Myers turns the officer into a human Jack-o’Lantern is another feature of murdering methods in previous Michael Myer films.

Furthermore, the mother-daughter dynamic between Laurie Strode, the daughter, and the grandchild adds an interesting element to the plot, giving it a more relatable storyline that goes beyond mindless, psychotic murders.

While the movie was incredibly successful with its horrific effects, I found the plot to falter in realism and logic. Supposedly Laurie Strode prepares for the escape and return of Michael Myers for 40 years yet sets up a safehouse that allows Michael Myers to lurk in the dark. Furthermore, if it is anticipated that Michael Myers would be at the safehouse then an entire police SWAT force could have been waiting for him.

Of course, if these plot holes were fulfilled then the movie would not be able to play out. It is highly unlikely that a man with a mask and knife would be able to go on a mass murder spree only to be stopped by civilians in a purposefully reconstructed safehouse. The movie, however, does an amazing job of making the film believable despite these logical fallacies and, as a result, scary. Given that the fundamental purpose of the film is not to surprise with an unexpected plot twist but to surprise with horror and jump-scare thrillers, the film stunningly provides an exciting experience.

AJ Song(12) thought the movie was “incredibly scary while still captivating enough that you want to continue watching, knowing another jump scare is seconds away.”

Overall, Halloween is the perfect film for a solid 2 hours of thrilling fright.