Student Spotlight: Allie Mortensen


Courtesy of Allie Mortensen

Allie and her dog posing on Valentine’s Day!

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

At YLHS, there are numerous students that make a difference in our community. One of these students that goes above and beyond the expectation is Allie Mortensen (11). Hearing her name is synonymous with the warm-hearted leader that uses her talents to inspire students of all ages. On and off campus, Allie is devoted to serving her school and the bigger community. Allie is apart of the YLHS Band, ASB, National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, PTSA, and German Club. She proves that you can be well-rounded and still do the things you love in high school.


During her free time, Allie loves to foster dogs with the organization Leashes of Love Rescue. Ever since she was 13 years old, Allie began volunteering much of her time to this group of people who are devoted to “rescue dogs that have had a rough start at life and rehabilitate them to find their perfect ‘furever’ home”. Starting as a way to serve her community’s neglected pets, Allie’s love for canines began through fostering these dogs. Every month, Allie continues to foster dogs that are on the way to recovery. Allie oftentimes bakes and hikes with her family and dogs.


Something that Allie has grown to love is music. Beginning in her fifth grade, Allie knew that she “wanted to play the clarinet”. All throughout middle school until now, she has been heavily active in band. In her freshman year, Allie decided to strengthen her musical capabilities and learned a new instrument, the baritone saxophone. Her excitement and determination even landed her the spot as the bari sax section leader and the secretary and treasurer for the YLHS band. Allie loves “being a role model for younger students in band”.


Allie is by far one of the most spirited Mustangs around. Since her sophomore year, Allie has been in charge of “advocating for art students who are often overlooked to the school” as the ASB Arts Commissioner. Involving herself in more extracurriculars at school, Allie is also the German Club Vice President and Dog Adoption Lead in PTSA.


On top of being heavily involved, she is enrolled in three AP classes in her junior year. Definitely the most challenging academic year to any student, Allie has continued to stay on task with her school work while still making time for those she cares about.


One thing is for sure: Allie Mortensen is one heck of a Mustang. She displays that it is certainly possible for someone to balance so many activities as a high school student. Many long nights and sleepless days are all worth it for achieving greatness. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, Allie! Thank you for being a role model for all Mustangs!