YLHS Special Education Program


Mabel Ra

Meet Mrs. Bidelspach, the newest member of the YLHS faculty.

Mabel Ra, Editor

Mrs. Kim Bidelspach is the newest addition to the YLHS staff. She is an enthusiastic Mustang working as the Special Education teacher.


Her class is composed of energetic smiles, games, interactive learning, and collaborative efforts. About her students, Mrs. Bidelspach (Staff) comments, “They’re truly hard workers.” Each student brings an individual set of skills and talents, in addition to their diligent efforts to be stellar students. Currently, the staff is working on the students’ social skills, with an emphasis on communication and collaboration.


The class is planning on holding different activities for each month throughout the year to engage the students with fellow Mustangs around campus. For the month of October, they are working on creating a class newspaper. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the class opens up their room to both students and staff during lunchtime for open hostings of movies and games, so that the students will be able to interview, write reviews, and take surveys for their newspaper.



Starting November 7th, Mrs. Bidelspach is planning on beginning their community outings every Wednesday. For instance, one outing will be a trip to the local Trader Joe’s, where the students can look at the different items and their prices. One of the main goals the staff is trying to reach is encouraging the students to get involved with the school, including getting the students on the downstairs floor and interacting with other students. Recently, some students attended the Homecoming dance held on campus!


Inside the classroom, the students are working on posters about each country around the world, while asking for people to send postcards in from each state and country. The class hopes to fully decorate their classroom to eventually resemble a globe.


It is clear to notice the immense effort and dedication Mrs. Bidelspach and the rest of the staff put into the class and all the activities to make each student’s experience at YLHS as memorable as can be.


Thank you to Mrs. Bidelspach and the entire Special Education staff, and welcome to YLHS! Students and staff, if you have time to spare on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch, don’t forget to visit Room 382 for a meaningful time.