Student Spotlight: Dani Mallat


Dani Mallat poses with Priscilla Kim for their homecoming photo.

Emily Ito, Section Editor

Being a truly well-rounded individual is no easy feat. Maintaining stellar grades, playing multiple sports, and being an active member of the community is something that takes immense dedication and hardwork. While balancing various activities is a difficult task, Dani Mallat (11) handles it with grace and integrity. As she begins her junior year, Dani looks towards the future as she continues her path to success.

A remarkable student, Dani challenges herself by taking numerous AP and Honors classes. This year alone, she is enrolled in difficult courses such as AP US History and AP Language and Composition. She has continuously received stellar grades throughout freshman and sophomore year and has every intention of maintaining an impressive report card. Like every other student, there are classes that really challenge Dani and force her to put in extra work. In courses that she finds more difficult, Dani studies relentlessly and is not discouraged by any setbacks. An unfavorable grade only propels Dani as she becomes determined to improve and grow as a student. A willingness to ask questions and seek help when needed is a characteristic that has contributed immensely to her success. Being prepared to challenge herself, stay determined, and remain resourceful is what will truly pave her way to the bright future she is destined for.

Last year, Dani was involved in both women’s basketball and women’s tennis. Although she no longer plays basketball, Dani’s teammates remember her with only the fondest memories. One of Dani’s old teammates and good friends, Savannah Pietsch (11), talks about Dani with so much admiration, explaining how Dani “was so supportive. Every practice and every game she was so encouraging. Even when the team was at a low, Dani looked at the brighter side. I could hear her on and off the court cheering all of us on.” Every teammate she plays with and every coach she learns from can attest to her exceptional attitude and unparalleled enthusiasm. Her unwavering positivity is something that truly sets her apart.

From happily servicing her community to being an active member of her church, Dani does it all. She works hard to balance her extracurriculars, sports, school, family, and friends. While her versatility is an impressive quality, there are so many other people who are involved in every activity under the sun. But Dani is a truly unique individual, not for her activities or grades, but because of who she is as a person. Dani is extraordinarily humble, genuine, and kind. Even with her success, one will never hear her bragging nor insulting others. She is never condescending, never impatient, and never mean. She has a personality that shines through and to one of her many good friends, Payton Armbruster (11), she “is one of the most genuinely caring people I know. She’s someone I can talk to about anything and she has always been there for me whenever I’ve needed her.” It’s popular opinion that Dani Mallat is a pleasure to be around and every person who has the privilege of knowing her will say how truly special she is.