Can Hunger in Our Community

Courtesy of

Angela Chuang, Photojournalist

In 2013, CBS Money Watch ranked Orange County, California as the ninth most expensive place in the United States, ranking just behind places like Manhattan, New York; Washington, D.C.; and Queens, New York.  In 2006, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that Yorba Linda was the richest city in the US with the highest median household income.  Despite this, about 21% of the children in Orange County are suffering from a lack of food, and 228,121 students in our county rely on the government’s Free and Reduced Lunch Plan (FRLP) for their daily nutrition.

Hunger is a growing problem not only in our country, but also our community.  Yorba Linda and Orange County are often looked upon as wealthy and successful living areas, but not everyone sees the families that are hidden behind the success.  Many of us are fortunate enough to have parents and guardians who have the ability to provide us three meals a day and snacks in between.

Nikita Vasoya (10) says, “Hunger is everywhere you look, even in the places you would least expect it to be.  We throw away our food not thinking about the ones who are starving around us.”  The thing is it’s easy to take things for granted when you have been given so much.  It’s up to us to open our hearts to others less fortunate than us.

How can you help?
as an individual, have the ability to make an impact on our world – no matter your age.
1.  Host a can food drive, publicize, collect can foods, and donate them to a local food pantry of your choice!
2.  Don’t waste your food!  Only grab what you can eat, and if you’re still hungry, go back for seconds!
3.  When you hear about a can food drive, don’t be afraid to donate and publicize!
4.  Volunteer at your local food pantry or soup kitchen.
5.  Educate your family and friends about hunger in our community!  Create a team and work to educate the community.

The truth is hunger isn’t something you can stop overnight.  It’s going to take a lot more than just a few can food drives.  With the EHS vs. YLHS can food drive, the theater department’s can food drive, and We Club’s efforts to scare hunger this Halloween, our mustangs are hard at work to alleviate the widespread famine in our country.  Keep paying it forward, Mustangs!