Exclusive Interview: New Teachers

Get to Know YLHS’s Newest Teachers

Mr. McCann is one of the new teachers.

Steven McCann

Mr. McCann is one of the new teachers.

Janet Han, Editor

This year, YLHS has gained five new teachers. Some students may already be familiar with one, or two, or even all of them. However, many others have yet to meet all of the new teachers, so in order to get to know them a bit better, we have conducted an interview of all of them.


Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you teach before coming to YLHS?

Mr. Schumerth: I’ve been teaching for over 20 years. I spent some time (11 years) as an elementary school teacher before moving up to middle school. I taught art at Valadez Middle School which is in PYLUSD before coming over to Yorba Linda High School.
   On a personal note: I love spending time with my wife and 3 kids. I enjoy traveling (loved Paris and Rome, but tropical destinations are my favorite), trips to the beach to surf,  and building things. I have a dog (Ellie) and a tortoise named Homer (after Homer Simpson).


Mrs. Bidelspach: This is my second year at PYLUSD and last year I was teaching middle school special education. I have been a mod/severe special education teacher for 7 years and before district I taught at non public special education.


Mr. Hobson: Before coming here I was a substitute teacher for PYLUSD and YLHS basketball coach since 2010.

Mrs. Zywiciel: Before coming to YLHS I taught 8th grade for ten years at Valadez Middle School.  While I primarily taught Language Arts, I often taught other electives, too. I spent a number of years teaching AVID, which I enjoyed greatly.  I also taught my school’s newspaper and yearbook elective class, which was a lot of fun. I love opportunities to be creative with students.


Mr. McCann: I am originally from Michigan.  I have 3 sisters. Some of my favorites are: the color green, giraffes, fish, and cooking!  I moved to California in 2004 to tour the world teaching music and dance with a performing group called The Young Americans.  This is my first year of teaching and couldn’t be more happy to be at YLHS!!!!!

What was the most intimidating part of starting to teach here at YLHS?


Mr. Schumerth: The students… I wasn’t sure what it would be like to interact with them at the next level and knowing that it spans across such a large age group, but it has been amazing from the start so really I had nothing to worry about. They are great to work with and I really enjoy their creativity, input, and desire to learn.


Mrs. Bidelspach: This campus is the most intimidating, I am not used to such a big school and trying to get to know everyone. Other than that everyone has been amazing.


Mr. Hobson: I’ve been a Mustang for a long time, but I couldn’t be happier to officially be part of the YLHS family.


Mrs. Zywiciel: I was a little intimidated with the size of the campus.  My entire old middle school was pretty much the size of YLHS’s 300 building, only!  I still don’t know exactly where everything is… I find myself referring to my trusty map often!


Mr. McCann: Hmmm… to be honest, nothing has been intimidating yet! I was thankful to have student taught at YLHS last year so I knew quite a bit coming in this year as a new teacher. Of course, there are many things I’m learning everyday about the school and how the choral program runs, but nothing has intimidated me… yet… hahaha.

What is your favorite part so far of being a teacher here?


Mr. Schumerth: I couldn’t just pick one area that I like best at YLHS. The staff here is great. Everyone is really involved. I already mentioned how much I enjoy the students. I do have to say that all the activities going on around campus and all the athletic events are fun to be around. All around, it is a great environment to be a part of.


Mrs. Bidelspach: I love the spirit the whole campus holds, everyone always is smiling and are supporting each other. Teaching here is great because I am learning as I am teaching.

Mr. Hobson: Getting to meet and learn about all the students on campus.


Mrs. Zywiciel: Besides the friendly students and staff, my favorite part of working here has been the school spirit.  There is a lot of fun to be had at YLHS. I’m looking forward to more events throughout the year.


Mr. McCann: My students!!!!!!!!!! They seriously are the best!!!! They come in each day excited, ready to learn and sing, and make amazing music together!!!! Even my zero period class!!!!! Also, the faculty and staff. They are so supportive and helpful with everything which makes me excited to come to school everyday!

What motivated you to teach the subject that you teach?


Mr. Schumerth: I enjoyed art the first time I took a class in Jr. High. From then on I was hooked. In college I realized that my first art teacher had such an impact on me that going into education seemed like a great idea. I have taught at many different levels and many different subjects, but there is nothing as great as teaching in the arts and helping students develop their creativity and talents.


Mrs. Bidelspach: I started teaching special education because I loved my students when I was an aide and sub. This made me realize I wanted to continue down this career path and help my students achieve.

Mr. Hobson: My coaching experiences and style has helped make me a very patient person. Working with and motivating different types of people goes hand in hand with coaching and Special Education.


Mrs. Zywiciel: I was motivated to teach because the thought of writing or discussing great literature with young, creative, fresh-minded people seemed like I’d never work a day in my life.


Mr. McCann: Being with the Young Americans made me want to go into teaching. I was fortunate enough to travel all over the US, Europe, and Japan with The YA’s over a 6-year span teaching students off all ages music and dance. I believe I was on my Japan tour in 2010 when I had a realization that teaching, music, was what I was meant to do in my life. I initially started as a Piano Performance/Musical Theater double major at Riverside City College but once I heard the Chamber Singers there, I decided to focus on singing. I auditioned for the Chamber Singers and sang with them for 4 years until I transferred to CSUF and made it into the University Singers, the top ensemble, under the direction of Dr. Robert Istad. And now, HERE I AM! Teaching choral music at YLHS!

If you could sum up your experience in one word, what would that word be?


Mr. Schumerth: Energizing

Mrs. Bidelspach: Strength-This is because my students show me everyday their abilities to do amazing things in this world no matter the obstacles.

Mr. Hobson: Perfect!

Mrs. Zywiciel: FUN!

Mr. McCann: Incredible


Certainly, all of the new teachers are amazing additions to YLHS. Be sure to say hi if you see any of them around campus or in class.