Quad Squad’s Journey


NBC World of Dance photographers

Quad squad’s first performance on the show.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

During the summer, a local dance team from Orange County Performing Arts Academy known as quad squad had competed on NBC World of Dance. Caitlyn Guntle (11) and Reese Willis (10) competed with quad squad along with seven other girls until the team was unfortunately cut from the competition. The girls both agree it was an amazing experience in life, they hope the team makes it back for the competition next season. “If I could change anything I did, it would probably be to focus on the fun aspects rather than more the competitive aspects because it got super competitive at time,” answered Caitlyn Guntle when asked if she could change anything about being on World of Dance.

Reese Willis started dance at a young age since her older sister was a dancer and her cousin was a dance choreographer, she fell in love with the sport and hasn’t stopped dancing since then. Caitlyn Guntle had tried other sports before doing dance, she didn’t enjoy them as much as dance. The girls both gave off an inspirational beauty message to girl saying it’s okay to be strong and tough. They hope more girls see the message and they wants girls to know that they are beautiful and perfect the way they are. Reese Willis said, “I hope our message of beauty gets around to more girls that need to believe that they’re perfect the way they are.”

The girls spent days preparing for the tough competitors like the lab, fabulous sisters, and expressenz. Quad squad would have to wake up as early as four to do hair and makeup and wouldn’t even be done dancing until nine at night. Once they left the stage from rehearsal, they’d head back to the hotel and practice even more. Reese had said that before going on stage, the team would sink their breathing in a circle in order for them to dance in sink. On World of Dance, quad squad showed off how having strong quads is super useful in dance. There is more control when dancing, the signature quad move would have to be spilt holds. Quad Squad hadn’t come across a team that had the flexibility and quad strength like them and it became a secret weapon for the team.

The qualification came out to be a 89.0, placing them in fourth out of fifteen for the first round, they didn’t have any reason to be sorry during that performance. In the duels, quad squad had to battle, but they successfully won and shouted for victory with a score of 93. After that, quad squad hadn’t made passed the cut after a score of 86 put them below the cut line. Next season, the girls will hope to be back and better than ever.