YLHS Music Curriculums


Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

At YLHS, we have three different music classes, Choir, Band, and Orchestra. They all each have their own curriculums that make up the classes.

In Choir, the class offers two chloral lessons: Concert Choir and Vocal Ensemble. Mr. McCann (staff) stated how both classes use the CA Music Standards as a basis of what will be taught. They are Artistic Perception, Creative Expression, Historical and Cultural Context, Aesthetic Valuing, and Connections, Relationships, and Applications. In both classes, he uses a choir theory curriculum that covers wide range of theory, which range from the basics of music fundamentals to advanced music theory concepts. He further explained that the curriculum is a “go at your own pace” format so each student is tested into a specific level based on their own individual knowledge on music theory. He also explained the classes saying that concert choir is a beginning choir and anyone who enjoys singing can sign up. It includes classical, musical theater, folk, and more. Vocal Ensemble on the other hand is an auditioned group that performs more challenging literature and participates in more performances like the Southern CA Vocal Association. To audition, the students must have understanding of music theory, be able to sight read, and prepare a solo audition piece to sing in front of the teacher. Vocal Ensemble ranges from Classical, Musical Theater, Folk, and as well as Vocal Jazz.

Band class offers a diversity of curriculums. Mr. Garcia (staff) introduced 5 different curriculums. The first is, Marching Band are students that do a field band, parade band, and guard. Guard performs at football games, band reviews (competitive parades), Pep Rallies, and Field Tournaments. Next is Jazz Band. They have a junior varsity and a varsity Jazz band that performs and competes at festivals. The third curriculum they offer is Drumline, and they perform with Marching Band at rallies, and they have a spring semester percussion. The fourth and unique curriculum they offer is winter guard. The color guard is part of Marching Band in the fall, and when it’s spring, they have their own competitive season. Finally, the last curriculum they offer is Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band. He stated that the students perform classical literature inside a theater.

The last music class here at YLHS is Orchestra. Mr. Mortenson (staff) stated that the main curriculum they have in orchestra is really just music. He said that they use books as well, practicing different scales with different keys and time signatures. He further said that they have a Bluetooth speaker and he uses it to have students listen to the song. That way, they can learn and study how it sounds like, and what they can do to make their playing sound better and just like the original.

Here at YLHS we offer three music classes which are Choi, Band, and finally Orchestra. They all each have their own unique system and curriculums.