Oktoberfest Recap


Polly Bowman

This was taken on a ride at the festival during the night, its busiest time of day.

Malieka Khan, Editor

The final weekend of September, the much anticipated Oktoberfest comes to Yorba Linda for three days. Many people, families, teenagers, and adults alike all look forward to this weekend due to its various attractions and games that spread fun through what is essentially a fundraiser for a local church.

Originally starting off as a wedding celebration over 200 years ago, it evolved into a festival that traditionally is celebrated in various parts of the world, but most notably Germany. Usually, this festival is synonymous with games, music, and drinking for the adults who attend even in Yorba Linda. The children also partake in a wide variety of games, food, and music for the three days the festival is open in town.

This year, the festival came by with some new as well as old attractions and games, not to mention a wide array of foods from various cultures to choose from. The rides alone left kids from ages as young as eight to sixteen excited, sending a vibrant energy throughout the vicinity. The festival had two entrances, one leading straight to the attractions and another to where the food was located. Many of the rides such as “Zipper” had intense flips and spins that were enjoyable and appealed to older goers as well, not simple little kids. This is shown through opinions such as Jordan Bruce (11) stating, “My favorite part was probably the ferris wheel because of the view. I also loved hanging out with all of my friends too”.

Similar to the rides that appeal to an array of audiences, many of the games that could be played were fun for all ages who attended. Classic tents that were at the celebration included “Knock ‘em Down” and “Goldfish Bowl” that gave away several prizes for each game that was won. This section was split in the center between the rides and the food so after rides, families could enjoy a couple of games before settling down to eat, or vice versa.

The food was also split into sections where each line provided a different style and type of food that came from cultures ranging from Italian to Filipino. All food was affordable, especially for a festival, with the most expensive item being the six dollar freshly made funnel cake in a tent to the right of the games. There was a separate section set aside for alcohol for those old enough to drink, and a section for entertainment where a live band was playing music all night while families enjoyed their dinner.

This went on for all three nights, with Sunday being the shortest night ending at 8 o’clock. Oktoberfest was filled with new and old rides that were fun for teenagers and adults as well as their full families. Also being a fundraiser for the St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, this was a cause that many did not mind supporting, especially with the great time given and memories made. Those who attended this year will almost certainly attend the next year’s as well based off the positive experience and vibes they felt throughout the nights.