Ways to Help the CA Drought


Above, acts like running the water too long can have detrimental affects.

Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

Although the whole commotion of the California drought ended, 47% of California is still in a drought, according to Mercury News. Especially with the huge fires and the lack of rain we had over the past months, we, as members of society, need to somewhat find a way to improve this drought.

Some ways we can help is by first of all, trying to remember which water bottle is yours. Especially for a sports team, we can misplace plastic water bottles among other water bottles, making it confusing to find out which one is yours. Due to that, it can waste water since no one is drinking from it. A suggestion is to write your name on the water bottle, that way you will know which one is yours. Also, don’t let the water bottle sit there for days if no one is claiming it, empty it out by giving it to plants. Or a simpler way is to use a reusable water bottle, and if you have left over water, give it to the plants.

Other things we can do is by remembering that the toilet isn’t the trash bin. Some people do flush things in the toilet that aren’t supposed to be flushed. Sometimes, it’ll get stuck and people start flushing, using up more water. This may cause the toilet to get clogged and waste water, so please do watch out when it comes with toilets.

Recycling is another way to save water. Bottles and cans usually have a water symbol on it because it shows that water was used to process and transport it (Grace Communications Foundation). It’s not that hard to recycle, especially since most of the recycle bins are next to trash cans. It helps the environment if we recycle, so if you don’t usually recycle things, start now and help the future.

Outside of school, try to take shorter amounts of showers; 10-15 minutes in the shower is enough time. People tend to waste a huge amount of water by taking 30 minutes or more. It’s wasting water, and it’s wasting the water bills. Try to at least save water and money by taking a less amount of time to shower. Sophie Zhang (9) said, “Try not to take a shower everyday, you can just take it every other day, or at least shorten the amount of water. We also should try recycling more often to save our environment.”

California is still in a drought and if we don’t start changing the ways we use water, the drought can get worse. Let’s try to keep our state a healthy and happy place, that way we can have a better future, and we can show future generations just how much we care about our home.