Club Spotlight: Mobile Healthcare


Stephen Serrano

Juliana Kim (11) and Sarah Kim (11), the co-presidents of Mobile Healthcare.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Here at YLHS, there are numerous extracurriculars students can be involved in. One way students can get involved is through joining clubs. On campus there are various clubs that offer community service hours, meeting new people, and building skills for life. A club that embodies all three, is Mobile Healthcare.

A new club started up this school year, co-presidents, Sarah Kim (11) and Juliana Kim (11) had a vision for another excellent club. Mobile Healthcare offers volunteer activities in the community and a variety of fundraisers to donate to the organization, Mobile Healthcare Association. The organization itself, offers free check-ups, vaccinations, and other aid to low-income families who may not afford hospital visits or health care. Through volunteering and hosting event fundraisers towards this non-profit, students’ donations will go directly towards the materials for the Mobile Healthcare truck.

Passionate about the community and the health needs specifically, Juliana heard about this organization through her mother. The organization implanted an idea that stuck with Juliana for a while. Sarah states that “after researching more about the company, [they] believed that creating this new club at YLHS can cradle new passions and excitement for community service”.

Similar to the American Red Cross who deals with the health-related issues of the immediate community, Mobile Healthcare wants to be as well known as the Red Cross Club at school. Very much so, the pair of presidents were so inspired by them, that they wanted to find more opportunities to show their compassion for the well being of Orange County.

With Mr. Lejano (Staff) as the new advisor and on board with Sarah and Juliana’s vision, the YLHS Mobile Healthcare Club was created. According to Juliana, a major goal the club wants to achieve this year is to “give students the opportunity to be more involved in activities that do not just involve school. Mobile Healthcare will offer numerous community service projects for hours.” Trying to raise at least $150 to donate to the organization, Mobile Healthcare is planning on possibly contacting Chipotle and Chick-fil-A for fundraisers hosted there.

Not only does this club have so much to offer at YLHS, but it also inspires students to continue to do good outside of our campus. When the time comes, Mobile Healthcare will be well known all around school. With Sarah and Juliana leading this club to the future, it is hard not to think of what successes they can accomplish.