A New Rivalry on Campus?


Courtney Huitt

Students kick-off spirit in front of the YLHS chalkboard sign

Courtney Huitt, Photojournalist

Word has swept through the campus this year that Esperanza will no longer be our rivals in football. This confusion has ignited many questions among students. Why aren’t we playing Esperanza in football this year? Will we have a new rival? What will happen to the Battle of the Boulevard? Will ASB still host a spirit week? Last year the Esperanza football program decided not to play the YLHS football team this year. As this is one of the biggest rivalry games for the two schools each year, students are left wondering why. Since Esperanza is not in our league, it is not a requirement for them to play us, though the game used to harbor an intense spirited rivalry between the students.

Since opening in 2009, YLHS has been rivals with Esperanza high school. Once a year, the schools host rivalry weeks in preparation for the Battle of the Boulevard football game. The week leading up to the intense game, YLHS ASB plans various activities for the school. Students arrive at school on Monday to see YLHS decked out in posters in support of the athletes. Each day students are encouraged to dress up according to different themes that show support for the football players. Throughout the week, the two schools decorate the Chick-fil-a in Savi Ranch and compete to see who can raise the most money. On the day of the game, band, drumline, color guard, cheer, and song lead the “Roaming Rally” with the football team at the end of second period throughout the hallways of the school to get students excited for the anticipated game. Cole Robinson (12) shares that “[he] love[s] the competitive atmosphere that develops throughout spirit week among the students, especially the excitement of the Roaming Rally.” The rally ends in the quad with the football coach, Coach Bailey, and some of the football players giving inspirational speeches and encouraging students to come to the game to support. During halftime of the packed football game, ASB announces the winners of the canned food drive that the two schools had been competing in over the prior weeks.

Even though YLHS will not play Esperanza in the Battle of the Boulevard football game this year, ASB still plans on continuing the tradition holding of all the fun events during spirit week: dress-up days, “Roaming Rally”, lunchtime activities, ect. Instead of spirit week being the week leading up to the Esperanza game, ASB has announced that it will be held the week of the El Dorado football game (Sept. 24-28). Expect to see the school decorated navy, crimson, and silver with posters and come out to the Shapell Stadium this Friday, Sept. 28 dressed in your Mustang gear to cheer on our football team.

In honor of our rivalry with Esperanza, Payton Janish (12), ASB Senior Class VP, shares that “we plan on going all out for the YLHS verses Esperanza basketball game this year to satisfy students and keep the original rivalry strong so keep Jan. 18 marked in your calendars. It will be a fun and exciting game!” So fear not, we will still be participating in the canned food drive and Chick-fil-a day against Esperanza this year like normal. The only difference is that they will be held during basketball season instead of football season.