Student Spotlight: Jordan Bruce


Gabby McCutchan

Jordan Bruce never fails to inspire the students around her through her enthusiastic work ethic, passion for the arts, and overall cheerful aura.

Gabby McCutchan, Editor

There are countless amounts of remarkable students who attend Yorba Linda High School. Whether it be a sport or a club, or even a language, everyone holds that one thing dear to our hearts that distinctly sets us apart from the rest of our peers. So what exactly sets Jordan Bruce, a junior here at YL, apart from the rest of her year?

Well, for one, Jordan has been cheering for most of her waking life. Setting apart the hour and thirty minutes it required to drive to her gym both to and from, she was actively cheering for about five hours a day, for more than half of the week. Add in to the equation school, family, and a social life, you got yourself a pretty hectic schedule.

When asked about how she managed not to drop dead from exhaustion, Jordan elaborated that she would wake up and attend school, allowing her to visit the friends that would fuel her motivation for the rest of the day, and as soon as the bell for 6th period rang, that was Jordan’s cue to head straight to cheer. The car rides were spent diligently working on her homework, and when cheer wrapped up for the day, Jordan would get a head start on sleeping in the car, and as the tires would slowly roll up her driveway, it meant it was time to stay up until 3 or 4 am completing her homework. She repeated this process for multiple years, hardly ever ceasing her routine.

Although Jordan was away from most of her school friends due to her draining schedule, the support she received, regardless of her agenda was overwhelmingly positive and heartwarming. When asked about Jordan, Polly Bowman (11) says, “Jordan continues to be, and will always be, the biggest inspiration in my life. I am constantly in awe of her passion and kindness towards others.” Ashley Payne (11) expresses similar thoughts, “Jordan is so amazingly hardworking, she never stops trying and is so inspirational. She always lifts people up when they are down.” The impact Jordan truly has on her peers, even when carrying multiple responsibilities on her plate, portrays just how ideal she is.

Since sophomore year Jordan has decided to withdraw from cheer, which ultimately allowed for her to explore other activities. Her eyes were firmly locked on trying out for YLHS’s dance team, Dance Company. Fortunately, Jordan was given the opportunity to join the dance team, something she was overly delighted to discover. Similar to her cheer team, Jordan says, “My favorite aspect of dance company is how close we are. Even though we haven’t known each other long, it already feels like my second family.”

To anyone who is currently struggling with a hectic schedule or overwhelmed with activities, whether they be extra curricular or academic, Jordan wants you to remember that you don’t have to stress out alone. Find motivation through loved ones, work your hardest in remembrance of their love and support for you.