Life of the Party Review


Deanna and Jennifer dancing next to each other.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

This week, Life of the Party, came out and has already gotten positive feedback. Most people that have seen the movie have generally liked. It has received a rating of 78% on google. It is a friendly movie for both parents and children to see together. It lets many families watch the humorous possibility of a parent and their child going to attend college together.

The movie starts out with Maddi’s parents, Dan (played by Matt Walsh) telling Deanna (played by Melissa McCarthy) that he wants a divorce. He had fallen in love with another woman, their realtor. After Deanna burns his belongings and finally accepts the fact that they are going to seperate, she decides she is going to go to college with her daughter Maddie (played by Molly Gordon). After a few days of Maddie being in denial of her mom going to school with her, she begins to love the fact that her mom is around. They go to parties and classes together. The mom, Deanna, even has a little fling with one of the college boys. Deanna and Jack spend a few months together, but end their relationship due to the fact that he is way younger than her and that his mom was the realtor Dan fell in love with. Through the movie we are also able to watch the rivalry between Dan and Deanna in respect to their divorce. Dan gets remarried, and on the wedding night, Deanna destroys his after party.

From the moment Deanna gets to college, she finds that other students are not as accepting of her going to college as her daughter and her friends are of her. Multiple times through the movie, Deanna and Jennifer and battling each other. Whether it be a dance off or through giving advice, Deanna always wins.

This movie very funny. Almost anything Melissa McCarthy acts in is funny. She is able to portray an older mother, but still manage to be cute and funny. She definitely shines in this movie and portrays her character beautifully.

According to Riley Pietsch (9), the movie was amazing. It was “one of the best movies she has seen.” When she went home, she was able to connect many of the storylines of the movie to her life with her mom.

Overall, this movie is a must see. It is a hilarious movie that pertains to all viewers. Make sure to see it before it is out of the theaters.