Student Spotlight: Alyssa Sanford

Amber Reddish

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Dual Enrollment
June 5, 2019

Amber Reddish

Alyssa lovingly plays with her dog Bailey at her home.

Just like most students at Yorba Linda High School, Alyssa Sanford is constantly being pulled in multiple different directions. Here on campus she is involved in Dance Company, Track and Field, Cross Country, Link Crew, and a rigorous class schedule. Outside of school she does even more. Between dance, sports, school and a social life, how does she manage her busy schedule while maintaining success? Well she is a pro at time management!

Monday through Friday Alyssa’s schedule tends to be jam packed with an early zero period for dance company, a long day of classes, multiple after school practices and eventually hours of homework. As tough as that sounds, Alyssa is great at taking things in stride and continuously comes out of tough situations on top. Alyssa Sanford (11) says she “appreciates how supportive her friends and family are in everything [she] does.” Through constant studying, hard work and dedication to everything she’s involved in, not only has Alyssa succeeded in all aspects of her life, she also is well on her way to college and a great future.

On top of her busy schedule during the week, Alyssa always manages to make time for her family, which includes her mom, dad and three dogs, and friends. Her weekends usually consist of studying, family time and fun outings with her friends. Occasionally, Alyssa also makes time to volunteer around the community! She’s also involved in both soccer and dance outside of school so her weekends are often filled with tournaments and competitions.

In her free time Alyssa’s favorite thing to do is make trips to the beach with her best friends. She enjoys being active, going on hikes, and running with her dogs. She feels that “being active is a very important aspect of a healthy life.” In the future she wishes to join the Coast Guard so she can have a fulfilling job in a place that she loves.

Although many students here at Yorba Linda High School are very involved in both our school and the community, Alyssa is a great example of a student who truly goes above and beyond. Not only does she try her best in everything she does, but she succeeds with flying colors. By constantly being involved in some sort of community activity she finds a way to utilize her time in an admirably positive manner. More students should follow Alyssa Sanford’s great lead, because she is truly a star.