Should High School Students Have Jobs?

A senior in high school begins his experience in the workforce with a job at Staples.

Ryan Kelly

A senior in high school begins his experience in the workforce with a job at Staples.

Amber Reddish, Photojournalist

As a highschool student you are at this awkward age between being a young adult and being dependent on your parents. Your at the age where you’re just starting to drive, go out on weekends without parents, and spend money on things for fun. It’s a time of maturing, growing, and finding yourself. So if you are searching for yourself, is this a good time for you to get your first job?

Although it is necessary for some teenagers to work to support their families, others have jobs just to have a little extra pocket money. It makes sense for students to have a job, even if they do not need one, since this money can be spent on things that aren’t necessities. Things like concerts, fast food, or even just going out with friends. Despite being in this awkward stage between being a child and a grown up, I think that having a job is an important part of this stage in a young person’s life.

Part of growing up is learning not only responsibility, but also priorities. Having a part time job plays a major role in developing these attributes. For example if a teenager were presented with a choice between hanging out with their friends or working on a Saturday night what would they choose? Most likely they would want to hang out with their friends, but if they had a part time job and the responsibilities of paying for things like gas and dances, they may choose differently. You see, it isn’t always about what you want to do, but rather what you need to do. Life isn’t simple and people have to make tough decisions. Having a job prepares a person for this.

On top of that, having a job teaches you valuable life schools that will differentiate you from your peers. This is because you will have real life experience working with others, whether that be your peers, superiors, or bosses. Corbin Thaete (11), a junior at Yorba Linda High School, feels that “having a job in high school really enhanced [his] experience and outlook on life.” This experience will not only set you up for better future jobs, but it can help with things as simple as group projects in school.

There is a multitude of advantages presented to a teenager with a part time job during high school, but most importantly you need to examine your personal situation and decide what is best for your personal situation. If having a job means sacrificing your grades or education it might not be the best choice for you, but if a job means freedom and positive responsibility it may be a great opportunity for you. Jobs are a necessary part in everyone’s life, whether it be in high school, college or later, so I encourage you to get out there and learn in a real life working environment!