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Rampage: Movie Review

Rampage movie poster(Photo courtesy of IMDB)

Rampage movie poster(Photo courtesy of IMDB)

Wayne Chan, Editor

Disclaimer: This article reveals twists and important details integral to the plot.

Rampage was an odd movie filled with humor and exciting action from a world of imagination. The plot was somewhat predictable, but the overall atmosphere of the movie was light hearted and easy going, making it a pleasurable viewing experience.

One of the successes of the movies was the cast. Dwayne Johnson played his character incredibly. It was clear he was a tough and anti-social person, but an animal lover. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays agent Harvey, acted the most unique personality. He styled a cowboyish federal agent who was kind but difficult. Although I personally thought Jack Lacey, who plays a merciless corporate profiteer, over acted his role. His hyper amplified stupidity became superfluous. However, Malin Akerman, who plays as the other corporate profiteer, did an amazing job portraying a ruthless and manipulative sociopath.

The CGI effects and the choreographed fighting between the giant gorilla, wolf, and alligator was stunning. Witnessing the destruction of Chicago had never been so entertaining. Although the fighting was impressive, I thought somethings were too exaggerated. For example when the alligator crawled on the side of the vertically without falling or crumbling into the building. I understand the science fictional nature of the film and the emphasis on the action element, but given there was no magical properties in the film, it has to at least follow some form of scientific or physical logic. The same impossibilities are also seen in the weird abilities of the beasts. The wolf could glide and the alligator could shoot giant pillars of spikes like ninjas with throwing stars. I could not comprehend how growing larger and larger would equip them with such abilities. Another problem with the film was, in the beginning the movie spent a considerable amount of time establishing two characters who ultimately meant nothing to the film. They followed Davis Okoye, Dwayne Johnson, around, but then disappears from the storyline altogether.

Despite its slight annoyances, the movie was an entertaining two hours of action packed fights and unworldly destruction. Austin Chan(12) thought the movie was “funny and cool. Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a fantastic job acting.” If you are looking for an emotional 2 hours of expressive film making or social analysis then the movie is not for you. But for a casual two hours of viewing experience, Rampage is an excellent choice.