Why Parents of Teens Support Fortnite


Courtesy of XBOX

Battle Royale start-up screen

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

The newest video game that is taking the world by storm is now being accepted and supported by many parents of teens who play it. Fortnite is a video game that is free and can is available to download on smartphones, tablets, computers, XBOX One, and PS4.

The whole idea of Fortnite was created by Epic Games. Epic Games’ envision of the game is yet to be released and it technically still a beta. It started in 2011 at the Spike Video Game Awards where it was announced (Forbes.com). The game was announced too soon and in 2015 was said to be released in the future. As of July 21, 2017, the game only allowed paid players to join. In September of 2017, it was announced to be free across the platforms listed above. The initial popularity sparked much conversation in schools and homes alike.

Fortnite’s most popular game mode is Battle Royale where players can play on teams or play solo matches. The objective of the game is to be the last player/team standing. Through building forts, hiding, attacking, and defending, players have to be skilled and know the map very well to do well in Battle Royale. The easy, user-friendly controls and fun gameplay have brought the popularity to Fortnite from all ages.

Sparking debate, Fortnite is now being argued by many parents who see their children shooting other players in order to win. Traditionally, many parents are opposed to shooter games because they influence young children to use violence to win matches. Fortnite has had a different effect on parents, however. Battle Royale matches are usually around under 30 minutes. With the short length increments per match, teens can spend less time playing the video game itself. While other games have gameplay that lasts for hours on end, Fortnite keeps it short and simple, giving teens more time to focus on other priorities like homework or chores.

Additionally, Fortnite is a free game to download. Most games on consoles cost around at least $50 per disk and a couple dollars for mobile devices. Fortnite’s cheap price allows families save money on just another video game. Since it is free, there are little to no risks with downloading the game, allowing for more gamers to play and further spreading its popularity. Parents also love that the gameplay does not show blood when someone shoots you and includes characters that do not look realistic. Because of this, young players will not bring the violence in real life.

Fortnite’s overwhelming success with parents has sparked some debate if shooter games should be readily accessed by anyone. The growth and popularity of the game influence numerous high schoolers like Nick Deang (10) love Fortnite because many people “constantly gets those dubs”. He has also asked to add his Epic Games account @swagpino. In the future, Fortnite will only gain popularity with the support of parents with it.